Color or Black and White

I used Pentel Fabric crayons to color the first bird.
When I used the iron to set the color, the blue pen marking reappeared.
I used a pencil to lightly sketch the second bird.
Maybe if I had a definite project in mind, I could decide whether to use crayons or not.
I do not know how permanent these crayons are, even though the directions state that setting with heat will make color permanent.
If any of you who have worked with fabric crayons could share your experience, it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, does anyone have any recommendations as to what type of pens can be used for sketching without leaving a marking?

Time for Celebration!

My Meemaw friends and I had a very nice lunch today.
Beautiful weather, great conversation, and so much fun.
We set a February 20 to 23 for our Traveling Clown Car to go to Lake Buchanan for the Vanishing Texas River Cruise.
When I got home, I decided to stop dreaming about Zentangle thread sketching and start doing something about it. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, making those journal covers gave me some practice and some confidence in free motion.
I drew a bird with a blue water soluble pen. I need to find a better tool for drawing.
The blue shows up with heat.
This is my first attempt at Zentangle thread sketching.

There is a small gap between the beak and the throat, but I am happy with my first attempt.
I did not know if I should color it in with fabric paint or leave it as it is.
My sister said to make another one and color that one.
So, I think I will.
Right now, I am going to celebrate this small step forward with an apple and cheese squares.
I am trying to lay off the apple pie !