Raised Box Quilt

Even though I got my Juki 2000QVP  to stop beeping and start working, the tension problems continued. I found myself having to rip and redo loopy stitches. I followed all suggestions and manual directions, but the irregular stitch tension continued. After struggling with this situation on the first row of my quilt, I decided to give up on using the Juki. I pulled out my non-electronic Viking Emerald and continued working on my quilt. No problems with the Viking.
My original plan for making a super hero quilt was to make simple framed blocks. Then I started looking at different tutorials for making shadow box and attic window quilts.  Rose Smith has a great tutorial on how to make a raised box quilt. I decided to use her technique for making the super hero quilt. There are many super hero quilt pattern ideas on Pinterest. There were a few different Pinterest posts that had an example of a super hero quilt by Fiscalini Designs. This quilt uses the same raised box technique that was in the tutorial by Rose Smith.
This is as far as I have gotten with the quilt today. I would have gotten more done if I hadn’t spent so much time trying to make the Juki work correctly.

Good News/Bad News

Good News
One of my sons just moved and I wanted to make a special house warming present.They use the fabric coiled rope plates that I had made them last year, so I made them a new set. I used the leftover fabric to make rug mugs. Originally, I had planned to make a basket to store the plates, but I found a nice round table basket at Target.

Bad News
As I was adding the orange binding to one of the fabric plates, my sewing machine started making an awful noise. I followed the trouble shooting suggestions in the manual, but the machine just kept making a sharp noise. I called the dealer and was given more trouble shooting suggestions, but nothing worked. I am hoping that this is not as major as the loud sound leads me to believe. I will not be able to take the machine in for another two weeks. I was planning to take it to a quilt retreat that my friend had planned for us. I guess I will have to take my Viking machine. I pulled out my trusty Viking to finish the fabric mats. The Viking is a good machine, but the Juki runs so much smoother. I have been very satisfied with the Juki, except for the mechanism for winding the bobbin. The spool pin bobs up and down and eventually falls off, especially when the spool of thread is not full. I have taken it back to the dealer to see if I am doing something wrong, and it is just the design of the machine. I was given a smaller insert to use instead of the cap, but it still does not work. I end up having to hold down the shaft, which makes it a start and stop operation.
When I return in two weeks, I hope to get my Juki to the shop and get it running again. I have drawn up some plans and purchased fabric for another quilt.

Birthday at JoAnn’s

My sisters gave me birthday gift cards to JoAnn’s, each totaling my age!
It made it easier to accept my age!

The cards were burning holes in my pocket.
I finally was able to go to JoAnn’s today,
and I am very proud of my self-control.
I stuck to buying sewing notions in order to build up my quilting tools.
My dad always said that the right tools made any job easier and more enjoyable.

My purchase included some leather and metal thimbles,
and an Omnigrid half square triangle.
I have a project in mind that calls for this triangle.
There have been times that I needed a smaller rotary cutter, so I purchased a
Fiskar Rotary cutter.
I am always running out of Best Press clear starch, so I restocked my supply.
I did buy some fabric and charm squares to make a grandmother tote bag for another friend who is a grandmother of four, the fourth being born a couple of weeks ago.

I resisted buying more fabric since I have some projects already lined up.
I did, however, spend time with my friend at the Viking sewing machine center inside JoAnn’s.
Marcia has been trying to get me to upgrade to a fancier sewing machine.
She has my attention.

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