While in Seattle, I visited the Undercover Quilts store. I purchased a pattern and fabric kit, Blue Moon, by Janine Burke. I rarely buy kits, but I liked the color scheme of the fabric chosen for the pattern. I wasn’t totally sold on the fabric being Batik, only because I had difficulty with the fabric the first time I used it in to make a quilt. This is only the second time I have made anything with Batik.
At the onset of making this quilt, I had an encounter with a rotary blade. The finger is healing, but will never be the same. I worked with a  nine-finger handicap piecing this quilt, but I finally finished today. One thing I do like about this quilt is that it reminds me of my great trip to Seattle with my daugher-in-law. The blues and greens are the colors of Seattle, and some of the fabric has a sea design.
I looked for tips on sewing with Batiks, but did not find anything new or useful. Now, I am trying to decide if I want to back the quilt with Batik or cotton. Any input, tips, or suggestions is welcomed.
Soon, I will be off to take care of my granddaughter, as we await the birth of her brother. I am one excited Grammy.


My trip to Seattle was a great get away. My daughter-in-law is a fun, fantastic travel companion.
We got to visit with my brother, enjoy cool weather, and experience Seattle. Our first stop was at the Seattle Design Center where my brother is the vice-president of Trammell-Gagne. After drooling over gorgeous fabric, I was given some free samples.  I have no idea how I will use these fabrics, but it will be fun just thinking about it.
The photo does not do justice to the quality and beauty of this fabric.
We sort of had an itinerary, but mostly, we acted on impulse. One of our impulses was to ride the ferry to Bainbridge, after we had already put in a morning of sight seeing different Seattle areas. We hopped on the ferry and walked onto Bainbridge Island, with no plan, low phone battery, and one battery charger. It is amazing how much we depend on the phone now. We used it for our map, our bus schedule, and eventually for Lyft. We walked up hills to a bar that kindly let us sit and recharge our phones. On our way to the bar, I saw quilts hanging out in front of all of the shops….I had walked into a quilt heaven. It just so happened that it was the day of the Bainbridge Quilt Festival. Since I could not use my phone camera, you will have to view the online site for the Bainbridge Quilt Festival that has all the 2019 quilts on display.
I also got to visit the Undercover Quilt Shop USA on Virginia Street, right by Pike’s Market. They had a beautiful, varied selection of fabric, and I purchased some fabric to make a quilt.
Everywhere I looked in Seattle, I could see designs, colors, lines, and spaces that were inspirational. What a great trip.
Now, I am recovering from a cold and cough that I caught while in Seattle. I guess it is a small price to pay for such a wonderful trip.
Today was the first day I felt better, so I made a little hand-stitched square while watching TV.

I have three quilts to bind, one quilt to finish, and one quilt to start. I think tomorrow will be the day I get back into my sewing room.