Gobble, Gobble!

Previously, I posted about a quilted apron I made.
I used a turkey block pattern by Lori Holt.
The block pattern yielded a 12 inch block.
I changed the pattern size by making 1.5 inch squares.
I used this turkey block for a pocket on the apron.
Since there were remnants, I decided to make mug rugs.
It was fun when I started, but by the time I was on my sixth turkey, I started to fade.
1.5 inch blocks are so tedious.
I chose to make two rug mugs with a turkey applique that I drew.
I also used the quilted strips that remained after I cut out the apron.
The turkey might look more like a duck, but, oh well.
Set of 2
Anyway, I finally got them done.
Set of 4

Set of 4

Next on my list:

  • Clean sewing machine
  • Organize sewing room
  • Prepare fabric for space quilt