Family, Music, and Quilting…

So much of what we do is ephemeral and quickly forgotten, even by ourselves, so it’s gratifying to have something you have done linger in people’s memories.
John Williams

It has been a great weekend.
My nephews invited my sisters and I to attend the San Antonio Symphony  concert.
It was a night of music by John Williams.
My sons played John Williams music when they were in the high school orchestra, so the night brought back sweet memories.

I am not the greatest at taking selfies.

This morning, my siblings and I extended our Memorial Day celebration with a breakfast.
I always enjoy time spent with my sisters.
Wish my brother could have been here.

Last night, my son sent me a video of the graduate opening the gift of the Transformer quilt and pillowcase that I made.
The surprise and delight, along with his enthusiastic commentary, made me smile.

Seeing this reaction of someone receiving something I made,  inspired me to begin working on the quilt of valor.
The design I chose was the Big Star Block.

I spent about two hours cutting the blocks and making half-square triangles.
It did not take long to piece the triangles.
Tomorrow, I will assemble the sixteen blocks.

These were the first blocks that I cut and pieced.
I found some white stars -on -white fabric that I thought would look nice as part of the star.
The other white blocks will be plain white.

Tomorrow, I will assemble the Big Star Block and add a sash.
After that, who knows?
I haven’t figured that out just yet.
But, first things first.
If it doesn’t rain as predicted, I plan to spend some time at Brackenridge Park.

Transformer Quilt

In March, I downloaded a pixel Autobot photo to make a Transformer quilt for a special young man.
It was easy to transfer this pixel photo to a 2.5 inch square and strip pattern.
The fabric was purchased in Georgetown, Texas, at the Poppy Quilt ‘N Sew.
I was able to piece the quilt top in two days.
My friend, Jeana, used the Broken Glass pattern for quilting on the longarm.
Today, I finished binding the quilt.
I cannot wait to surprise him with his quilt.


I also made an Autobot pillowcase.
The Autobot fabric was purchased from Spoonflower.


Next Project

Today, I completed putting the borders on the Transformer quilt.
There are three borders: red, blue, and black.
I was short ONE black strip, so I had to go to the Mesquite Bean to get what I needed.

Yesterday, I went on a tour of Brackenridge Park.
I have lived in San Antonio since I was two, and the park has always been a special place for me.
The tour was sponsored by the Brackenridge Conservancy.
Three of us were invited to this tour by a very special friend of ours.
The tour was so informative and enjoyable.
We were also able to see so many beautiful ducks and birds.
The morning ended with a picnic lunch.

While enjoying the day with my friends, I suggested we make a quilt to donate to the Conservancy.
The Conservancy  is just setting up a new office, and the quilt can be part of the decorations;
or they can choose to raffle it at one of the many events that they sponsor.

We would include photos that tell the history of this beautiful park.
But first things first.
We need to ask if they would like a quilt.
If so, we will set up our sewing days again.
We had stopped meeting for sewing.
This is on the list of possible projects.

My friends and I love to go birding.
So, it was an added treat to be able to see these beautiful creatures while on our tour.

  Black Bellied Whistling Duck

  Yellow Crested Night Heron

 Egyptian Geese Family

Next Project:
Today, I have spent some time designing a Texas Wildflower quilt.
I am planning on using the Wildflower VIII fabric by Moda.
My friend, Nancy, showed me some of this fabric that she purchased, and I think it would be perfect.
She and I are still working on a design.
 Moda Wildflower VIII



Today was spent working on a Transformer quilt.
Months ago, I found an autobot pattern that was designed by Susan Guinto.
The site offered a free download.

The pattern is suited to 2.5 inch strips and squares.
A few weeks ago, I purchased the fabric from Poppy Quilt ‘Sew Shop in Georgetown.
I painstakingly measured, counted, and recorded the number of black, gray, and white squares and strips that were needed.
Then…I misplaced my notebook!

So, today, I cut the three different fabrics in 2.5 inch strips, WOF.
The white fabric was cut LOF, since I needed a long enough top and bottom strip.
I decided to cut what is needed in small sections, and piece-as- I go.
This P-A-I-G method is so much easier than when I made a Darth Vadar quilt for my son.
On the Darth Vadar quilt, I cut all the pieces. It was difficult for me to keep track of what I needed, when I needed it.
The Darth Vadar quilt was also out of 2.5 strips and blocks.

To make this quilt, I used a pattern from WSKanePatterns.

My goal today was to finish half of the autobot.
I reached that goal, except I found a mistake as I posted the picture.
It will be an easy fix to remove the out of sequence black block from the second to the last row.

I used the Stripology ruler grid to cut the strips.
I am still doing something wrong at the onset, since I end up having to recut the bottom.
The strips are more accurate than when I cut with a 2.5 inch ruler.
I just have to study what I am doing incorrectly. It doesn’t happen all the time, just enough to be a nuisance.

I also purchased a magnetic quarter-inch guide.
It has improved the accuracy of the seams, but sometimes, before I get to remove the pins, the pins knock it out of line.
Still, I like using this rather than the painter’s tape I was using.

Oh, I found my notebook!

Block a Day #37, February 6

After 10 days of trying to recuperate from a bad case of the flu, I went out and celebrated today.
It was great to get back in my car and visit quilt stores!

I really need to get to work on the Tribute quilt.
All I got done today was the Block of the Day, #37, Pennants.
I plan to use some of these blocks to make a Quilt- as -You -Go lap quilt.
I have been studying tutorials on QAYG, and I think I will be ready to try this after I finish two more quilts
that I have in the planning stages
Block #37, Pennants
I am thinking of embroidering some quotes on these pennants.


One of the quilts I am planning is a Transformer quilt.
I wanted something that was not juvenile, since it is for a very special young man.
I found this autobot snip download on Pinterest.
It was created by Susan Guinto.
There were various patterns for Transformer crochet blankets.
But this autobot snip that had a free download, might be easier to transfer to a quilt pattern.

Like my granddaughter says, “First things, first.happyface
I want to get the Tribute quilt pieced and ready to quilt.
This may mean that I will have to set aside the Block a Day for a few days.