Weather Report and Project Update

This is our second day of below freezing weather.
Those icicles are what remain on my roof after two days.
One of our local grocery stores has broken water pipes due to freezing.
One of our main streets had pipes broken and water is flooding the area.
And, there have been numerous car accidents.
My sister’s house in Austin had a broken pipe.
Tomorrow we should hit 43, so that’s good.
I have had enough soup, stew, hot cider, and hot tea and I am ready to move on.
Not whining…just saying…
My hat is off to all of you who live with this type of weather for months!

In the meantime, I have been working on a project.
It might be a wall hanging, or a pillow.
I loved the inspirational and positive word fabric.
At this time, I am thread sketching the bird fabric.
I am also trying to decide if I should FMQ the brown/gray fabric.
I cannot decide on the color of thread to use, and my meandering is not the best.
Maybe I will parallel stitch in the ditch.

This is for practice and for me, so whatever turns out will be fine.

Whooo Loves You?

I’m back in my sewing studio and it feels great!
My intention was to prioritize my projects.
I need to finish some old projects, work on Valentine projects, and then start on my new projects.
I also wanted to continue practicing some thread sketching.
This past week was all about owls.
My granddaughter loves owls.
I had found an owl notepad to write lunch box notes for her and she loved it. I left the pad for her to write notes to her parents.
For the 52 Fridays project, I decided to make a block to commemorate the special week with my granddaughter. The block is not yet completed. I just finished the thread sketching and now I am trying to decide what else it needs.
This is what I have so far:

I noticed that I forgot to sketch in the top and the claws.

I sketched in the top and I just drew lines in the claws.

For now, I am thinking that this is the only touch of color I will add.
I will put it aside while I think about it.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This block was supposed to be a sun.
It ended up being an off centered unidentified object.
But, it was fun practicing.

My sewing studio is closed for now.
I am off for Granny duty…which I love.
This time, I am not taking my sewing machine.
I am just taking small craft materials, and my granddaughter and I can decide on a project.
She will be in school, so we won’t have that much time.

Color or Black and White

I used Pentel Fabric crayons to color the first bird.
When I used the iron to set the color, the blue pen marking reappeared.
I used a pencil to lightly sketch the second bird.
Maybe if I had a definite project in mind, I could decide whether to use crayons or not.
I do not know how permanent these crayons are, even though the directions state that setting with heat will make color permanent.
If any of you who have worked with fabric crayons could share your experience, it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, does anyone have any recommendations as to what type of pens can be used for sketching without leaving a marking?

Joy for 2018

This is a re-post of my mantra for the New Year.

I decided to jump start one of my 2018 short term goals, which is to learn how to thread sketch.
A New Year calls for a mascot, so I attempted to thread sketch a bird.

This was my first attempt at thread sketching.
As you can see, more practice is a must.
I had seen tutorials demonstrating how to thread sketch on applique.
I thought this might be easier and a good starting point.

Meet Joy, my 2018 mascot.
Joy is far from finished.
I need more thread to add detail to the body.
My plan is add embellishments after I sketch some more.

Joy is far from perfect, but she will be a reminder of where I was when I started on my quest to learn how to thread sketch.
Hopefully, I will show growth in this artistic adventure.

Santa will be sending me some more thread.
He has been overly generous, but now seems a bit concerned.
I think he might shut down my Amazon account.

Now, for sure, my sewing room is closed.
Christmas luncheons and activities begin tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to all of my blogging friends.
Have a peaceful, joyful, and blessed holiday.