A Tote for Tuesday

Last week, I let my friend talk me into buying a pattern and fabric for a tote bag. The pattern is
The “Lucille” Bag by Abbey Lane Quilts. I really do not need another bag, but I loved the fabric. I chose the fabric that Marti originally had chosen for herself. We decided it looked like me…and she found a gorgeous linen fabric with owls.
We met on Sunday to work on our bags. Marti is a perfectionist, as seen in her precise cutting and seams. I have made many tote bags, but this one was a bit different and difficult for me. It has pleats, which I have never done. It also calls for the sides to be gathered before adding some ties. I made a mistake by not adding pockets to the lining. Also, now that I have a key-less car, I really need a loop inside so that I can attach the car remote. I will try to add a clip somehow.
It was fun to make this together.

Today, I mailed off the pillowcases for my grandchildren. For some reason, I forgot to take a photo of the Incredible 2 pillowcases. I made a unicorn pillowcase for my granddaughter.