Home…And Still Celebrating

So far, October has been a blessed month. Lots of celebration going on.
In the spirit of celebration, and happy to be back in my sewing room, I made two fabric journals.
The first fabric journal I made was for celebrating the one-year wedding anniversary of my youngest son. I have a bag of quilted fabric pillows that are based on Teesha Moore’s style. I used one long pillow rectangle to make the front and back of a very small journal. Small buttons were sewn into the spine of the journal. I printed some “love” quotes onto fabric.  A house and a heart charm were added to two of the pages.The hand-stitching was a great way to relax and ease into getting back in the groove of making things.
Anniversary Fabric Journal

My granddaughter is interested in art and crafting. In between spending time with the baby, she and I kept busy with other things. She hand-stitched some of the fabric pillows I had prepared. I used some of the pillows she sewed to make the cover for her Big Sister Fabric Journal. There is a superhero theme in her and the baby’s room…Batman and Wonder Woman, so I included some detachable ornaments in the journal.

I am so thankful for this October. I plan to keep on celebrating all the way into November.😁

Fabric Pouches

I am so happy I ran across tutorials by Teesha Moore, on how to make fabric pouches. I have a canvas storage box filled with different sized pouches that I have prepared. As I sit to relax and watch movies, I pick up one of the pouches and start stitching and decorating. I had quite a few completed, when I realized I had enough to make a cover for a fabric journal.
There is really no need for me to start collecting any more objects, but over the past year, I have been collecting pin-back buttons and pins. Don’t ask me why, but all of a sudden I have a collection. Up until now, the pins and buttons have been tucked away in a drawer. On my trip to Seattle I found some cute additions for my collection. I thought it would be a great idea to make a fabric book to display my buttons.
One of my favorite pins: Guess What? Chicken Butt
I chose fabric pouches that fit together to make a 6″ X 8″ front and back book cover. Then, I made a fabric pouch book spine  that was the length of the covers. I made the width of the spine to fit the number of fabric signatures I made. The signatures were not all the same size, but close enough. I like the effect of the different sized signatures. I There is a mixture of hand-sewing and machine-sewing on the signatures. After completing the signatures, I sewed them down the center, onto the book spine. There are some “blank” signatures, ready to be filled with more pins and buttons.

Enough is Enough

It is taking me longer than I would like to get rid of this cough and cold that I caught on the last days of my trip to Seattle. Even though I am not at 100%, enough is enough.  My To-Do List kept calling me, so last night, I started binding one of three quilts that need to be bound. I want to get this done before I get back to piecing the house quilt that is in progress. I also have a new quilt I want to begin, using the fabric I bought in Seattle.
Is there anyone who likes binding quilts? I find it so tedious. Yet, the finishing touch it adds to the quilt is quite satisfactory.
In between binding, I have started making some fabric quilt pouches. When I was researching fabric quilt books and junk journals, I ran across art work by Teesha Moore. These pouches are perfect for creating small artwork while watching TV or just relaxing. Right now, I have no plan for using these pouches as book covers, bags, or wall hangings. I am just enjoying making them. Here is the link to four tutorials on how to make fabric pouches by Teesha Moore.
Recently, I have become interested in crows. I have been reading about the meaning and symbolism of crows. There are both negative and positive symbols. I am choosing to believe that a crow may be a symbol of life magic and mysteries . A crow can also symbolize intelligence, flexibility and destiny. This morning, I sketched  a crow on muslin. Then I pieced different black fabrics to fit the form which I sketched. After gluing the black and orange fabric, I ironed double back fusible to the crow. Then I machine stitched the crow, so I could cut it out. I ironed the crow applique I made to a green fabric. Then I followed Teesha Moore’s process for making a pouch.

Now that I have had some fun, I need to get back to binding.