Wacky Bird Dish

Today, I stopped by the Sunin Clay Studio to pick up the Wacky Bird Dish that I made in class. It was a surprise to find it on the display window. The process for making this silly bird was a bit tricky. Luckily, Lynne, the instructor, was very patient. She offered great tips on how to safeguard the pieces from falling off. I was concerned about the tail and head being too heavy for the legs. The head was formed by making a pinch pot, so it is not solid. A tricky step was trying to get the beak and feet to balance…but it worked out.

Wacky Bird will keep me company as it sits on my work table. It is the perfect dish for holding my quilting clips

Working With Clay

Lynn, my pottery instructor, was nice enough to add an extra day to my classes. I ran out of time on my last of four classes, and was not able to paint the crazy bird bowl. I painted and glazed it today, and I cannot wait to see it when it’s done.
I picked up my other clay creations. They are silly pieces, but they were so much fun to make. I realize that pottery is not my thing, so I will not be signing up for another class. I did enjoy the process. I am very happy that I found such a great clay studio. The owners, the instructors, and the potters at the Sunin Clay Studio are super friendly and helpful.

This is Fat Cat…inspired by daughter-in-law’s cat, Richard Parker.

This is Wacky Wabbitt.

And this is Daisy.
Now, I need to get back to fixing the polka-dot border on the floral pet quilt. No more procrastination.
I have already made most of the squares that I will be piecing on the border.


Today has been both a productive day and a day of procrastination. The productive part of the day started with my fourth class at the Sunin Clay Studio. I was able to paint and glaze four of the five clay products that I made. On Tuesday, I will go back to paint and glaze the wonky bird dish I made. I was happy to see that it stood the test of time;and the heat of the kiln. I was concerned about the head falling off. I was also concerned that the legs might be too wobbly.

As much as I enjoyed this clay class, I do not think I will be signing up for another any time soon.

The afternoon was also productive in that I worked on a small fabric pouch.

I’m in procrastination mode when it comes to fixing the floral pet quilt block. The block has polka-dots that bled on the very corner of two strips. There is no motivation at this point to rip out the block, and add two new sides. Maybe tomorrow.
I hope you had an enjoyable Saturday.


For some time now, I have been wanting to make something out of clay. I have not worked with clay since my high school years…eons ago. There is a clay studio that I drive past quite often. Every time I passed this studio, I would tell myself, “Someday…”.
Today was the day.
Sunin Clay Studio was the perfect place for me to brush up on my old skills. I had a two-hour session today, getting re-acquainted with the ins and outs of working with clay. I started with the pinch clay technique. My first product was a bowl, that turned out rather boring. I was just trying to get the feel of working with the clay.
Then, I started to have fun. I made this baby elephant. It makes me smile. I will finish working on it, and begin other projects next Saturday.
I am so glad that I finally acted on my “Someday”.

I know the trunk is a bit large, but she will grow into it!😉