Random Quilt

About a year ago, I attempted to improvise some blocks. I cut fabric without rulers or specific measurements. I made some blocks that represented special places, events, and memories of my youngest grandson. There was no real plan. I just made blocks and tried to fit them into rows. The fabric I used was anything I had on hand…some quilt store fabric and some not. I wish I had not used the denim since it is so drab.
I put the quilt rows down a few months ago, because I did not know where I was going with this quilt. I had shown the top two rows to my grandson and I told him the stories attached to each block. He asked me to include dinosaurs and space, so I did. He recently has become a fan of Mario and of Pokemon, so I included them. Darth Vadar and light sabers also had to be added.
I started working on the quilt again this past Monday, and I finished the top today. I like the story behind each block, but I am not sure about the “randomness” of the blocks. I was planning to piece the remaining fabric for the backing, but that might be too busy. So, maybe I will just add a solid backing and add number appliques to represent the fiveĀ  years.

Teacher Mode




This week, I will be traveling to be the Mystery Reader at my granddaughter’s school.
Today, I got into teacher mode, as I prepared for this visit.
As directed by the teacher, I have sent clues about myself to the class. The teacher will read them to the students to see if they can guess who the reader might be.
I am sure my granddaughter will know it’s me when she hears the last two clues: former teacher, and love to quilt.
I have chosen a book from one of my favorite series of Bear books by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.
Since it is November, I will read Bear Says Thanks.
In this book, Bear takes out a quilt for all of his friends to sit while he reads to them.
I will be taking my Grandma-on -the -Go quilt so the students can sit for story time.
I found a 9-patch grid template. I cut 2″ squares out of different colors of construction paper.
The students can each make their own 9-patch paper block.
Then, the blocks can be assembled to make a Story Time quilt.
I also made a November Word Bank and printed off some writing paper with autumn borders.
The students can write a story about November.
I must say, it was fun getting this all together.