World Turtle Day

On Monday, I couldn’t resist the face of this sheet metal frog, whom I named Franny.
So, I brought her home.

Today, I went out to get groceries. As I passed through the lawn section, I saw this precious turtle.
It just so happens to be World Turtle Day…for real. So, of course, Flortoise came home with me.

Flortoise told me that she would make a cute stitch meditation…so I made one.

I am enjoying creating little stitch meditations.  These are some of the traveling meditations I have stitched so far.

Movie& Meditation Monday

After my morning walk, my plan was to pull out the Gelli-Art plates and make another attempt at making fabric and paper prints.
First, though, I started out with one stitch meditation piece.

Then, I decided to declare this to be a Movie and Meditation Monday.
I love watching old movies, especially Charlie Chaplin silent movies.
While watching movies, I made a few more stitch meditation blocks.
I have a bin where I throw the small, irregular pieces whenever I am cutting fabric.
These pieces are perfect for small blocks.

Today was fun.
I hope you enjoyed your Monday.

Year of the Bird

My sister informed me that 2018 is the Year of the Bird. This Audubon site has some fantastic bird cams to view. I have been thinking “birds” all day! On my outing today, I saw some cardinals. They were in two different locations, so there was no territorial fighting dance.
After I completed my morning stitch meditation, I viewed some tutorials on fabric embellishment and textile art. I have ordered some books from the library to continue gathering ideas. I started working on a piece built around the blue fabric print I made with the Gelli plates. I am trying not to judge, just make.
But, the results are a bit too stiff and formal for me.
It’s a start.
It was fun.

Stitch Meditation

Year of the Bird

Saturday Stitching

I would like to start this Saturday by thanking Cindy for once again sending me on a creative adventure!
Cindy sent me a link to Liz Kettle at Textile Evolutions. I loved hearing the artist’s story and listening to her thoughts about creating. I had never heard of stitch meditation…what a cool idea!
Liz states that an artist job is to “make and not judge”.  She also talks about using this stitch meditation to “start the day with art.” What a way to start the day!
Liz sometimes starts with an “ugly” fabric. Yesterday’s Gelli-Art prints have turned into a stitch meditation piece for me.I chose the Purple Mush mistake piece and the Orange Slush clean-up scrap that I had planned on discarding. Then, I just pulled out another fabric piece from my tiny scrap bin. I added one of the muslin pieces that I had stamped many moons ago.
I found this hand-stitching to be quite peaceful and fun.
Thanks for the link, Cindy.

I used the rest of the Purple Mush mistake fabric to make a 5″x 7″ quilted block. This block could become a part of a signature for a fabric just-for-fun journal.