Christmas Messenger Bag

Last year, I visited the Stich Lab in Austin and purchased a pattern for a messenger bag.
The pattern comes with a medium size and a large size pattern.
I used some gingerbread fabric that my sister gave me, along with a candy cane and also  a polka dot remnant.

I wanted to make the purse a bit firmer, so I used interfacing and canvas.
I pieced the flap in order to add some festivity and color.

Polka Dot lining

I think I will use canvas for the next messenger bag I make.
I had seen some pretty canvas at Hobby Lobby.


What a Day!

“A Quilt Will Warm Your Body and Comfort Your Soul”
– Quilt Sayings

Just returned from a Soul Comforting day at the 2016 Capital of Texas Quiltfest.
My sister, Adri, and I spent the morning being inspired.
So many beautiful works of art.
So many stories.

There was a Star Wars quilt being displayed.
I sent a photo of it to my son, since I had made him a Darth Vadar quilt designed by WSKanePatterns.
My son told me that although the displayed quilt was nice, he was sure it wasn’t made with all the love I used in making his quilt.
Awww! Warmed my heart.
Usually, when I am with Adri, I let her encourage me to spend over my fabric/quilting budget.
I did pretty good today.
This is my loot for today:
The Yo-Yo Holiday dish towels  by Marcia Layton Designs are too cute!
Can’t wait to get started.

To add to my list of Fall fun projects, I purchased a pattern to make large
autumn leaves place mats by Annie’s Keepsakes.

My dear Tia Chicha, used to make us aprons.
I stopped using them because I wanted to preserve them.
Lately, I’ve been looking for apron patterns.
I found a 1940’s Design by Cynda Ewing.
This fabric is from Stitch Lab.
I plan to treat myself to a bag.
I bought an Amy Butler pattern.
It is a Birdie Sling bag.
I found the tutorial for making this bag.

It is time for me to make another quilt.