Wabi-Sabi Day

My Meemaw friends and I met for our Wabi-Sabi Craft Day. We are planning another quilt project to donate, but today, we each had a different project for today.
I decided to work on my stitch book entry for January. I just returned from a beautiful week taking care of my granddaughter. On one of our special days, we went to see Mary Poppins Returns. We are both fans of the original Mary Poppins; and we both loved the new movie.
The song at the end of the movie is Nowhere to Go But UpMy granddaughter drew this picture to reflect what she thought about the movie.

So, inspired by the movie and my granddaughter, I chose to make my January block based on the song also.
I used Gelli-art plates to print the sky and clouds. I appliqued a balloon by the needle turn method. Then I stitched the words and the clouds.

Stitch Book for 2019

Last year, I spent a few weeks making stitch meditations. I found this activity to be relaxing and fun. I made two fabric journals with the stitch meditations.  See Fabric Meditation Post.
A few days ago, I read a post, On Starting Fresh, by Mariss. I loved the idea of a Stitch Book for the year, so I contacted Mariss and asked if she would mind if I borrowed her idea. She graciously said I could.
The purpose for my year long project is to have an ongoing reflective activity. I also want to practice new embroidery stitches. I find hand stitching and piecing to be very relaxing. So, thank you, Mariss, for sharing your work.
I got started on one of the first blocks today.