Busy Day

It was a run around morning for me, but I was able to stop off at the Mesquite Bean to buy two yards of Steam-a-Seam that I need for a baby quilt. I also purchased some four different types of black and white fabric…just because. I also purchased an Olfa cutting mat and new rotary blades. JoAnn’s had a great sale, and I had coupons. It ended up costing half the price.
This afternoon, I managed to make the Crazy Anne block for the gypsy wife quilt. It is perfectly named, because those little triangles drove me crazy. Having the new rut-less cutting mat certainly improved the accuracy of my cutting.

This evening, I made another fabric face. I tried something new, in order to get more contour on the face. I drew the head on paper. Then I drew contour lines on the paper face…sort of like a mask. I then traced the head on fabric. Next, I cut the paper contour mask and traced and cut them from fabric. I drew eyes on a small white scrap and laid it between the face and contour mask. A strip of fabric was laid down for the nose.
I have been using a glue stick to hold things down, but I am thinking I need to use some Steam-a-Seam. The only problem with using the fusible is that I am using tiny scraps and pieces. I probably can back some larger fabric pieces  and cut from there. But it seems like a waste of fusible, which is expensive. For the lips, I machine stitched with orange thread. I messed up when I made the glasses, so I will just say that Felicity bought an unbecoming pair of glasses. 😉

Master Naturalist
Volunteers at the botanical garden
Yoga instructor at the senior recreation center
Keeps a poetry journal
Her favorite poet is Emily Dickinson

Takes classes in water color

40 More Days Until Valentine’s Day

As I walked through the grocery store and saw Valentine’s Day all around me, I decided to get started on some DIY Valentine stuff for the grandchildren.

I thought a simple, one hexagon block wall hanging would be cute.
I drew a picture of my grandson and me on muslin.
Then I drew hair and clothes on different fabric pieces.
I used Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite to adhere the drawings onto some of the memo fabric my brother sent me.
Rather than machine quilt, I have chosen to hand quilt this small block.

The rotating cutting mat was ideal for this project.

I had a piece of the Solar System fabric I used for his quilt, so I used it for his shirt.
He is a walking information station on the Solar System.
Since I love birds, I chose some of the last remaining pieces of my bird fabric.
This block is not finished yet. I need to complete the quilting and add some buttons or some type of embellishments. Not too many, though.
I have already drawn my granddaughter and myself.
I hope to get to it tomorrow after I run some errands and get a haircut.
Only 40 more days until Valentine’s Day!

Last Minute Preparations

I guess my sewing room will not get cleaned and reorganized before I leave for my trip.
Once again, my wandering mind started making something with the fabrics I was trying to store and organize.
I made some strips with the fabric memos my brother gave me.
This formed a nice sized block, which I cut into some columns.

My grandson has two pets that need to be included in  his story quilt, so I drew a dog and a cat silhouette onto the back of the Steam – a-Seam Lite.

This quilt is getting a bit large. It might have to be the story of his early years.
Maybe I can make a quilt in 5 year increments.

I’m all packed and ready to go to Arkansas. I contacted the quilt shop in Bentonville, and they say they will be expecting me. 
I will try one more time to clean up the sewing room. It would be a disappointment to return and find it looking the way it is now.
Now, I better get to some serious cleaning.

Dinosaur Floor Pillow

My son has a very comfortable room in his home, which has been dubbed the “rumpus” room.
I thought my grandson needed a floor pillow for this great room.
So, I started looking for ideas on making a quilted dinosaur floor pillow.
Everything I saw was cute, but too baby-ish for this three-year-old dinosaur enthusiast.
I made some templates out of  some free dinosaur color sheets I found online.

In my stash, I had some beautiful remnants of batik that were perfect for making dinosaur appliques.
I used Steam -a-Seam Lite 2 to make the appliques.
The Stegosaurus fossil pattern was a bit difficult to applique, but I got it done.

Tomorrow, I will piece the blocks together. I think I will just do stitch-in-a-ditch quilting.
I might pull out a practice piece to try some meandering. If this doesn’t work, I might just quilt around the dinosaurs.
For the backing, I have some reptile-looking fabric of green and blue.

I am still trying to figure out how I plan to make the pillow itself.
I found a 30″ x 30″ pillow insert on Amazon.
Zippers are definitely out.
My friend suggested using Velcro strips to close the envelope pillow backing.
I’ll figure something out after I see what the quilting looks like.
Here are the squares.