Sewing can be dangerous.
Especially if you are working on many projects at one time.
Today, my seam ripper attacked my leg. There is a welt from the point of the ripper sticking into my leg. Note to self: Don’t wear shorts when sewing.
Then, I had two occasions where the needle broke. I kept forgetting to change from zig-zag to straight stitch. The first time the needle broke, it flew and poked into my shoulder. The second time it happened, the needle point hit the middle of my neck.
Note to self: Finish one project before moving to the next. Check your setting!!!!
The last incident that happened today was a slight nip of the rotary blade as I changed the blade.
Maybe I was not meant to sew today.
Or maybe, I just need to PAY ATTENTION! 

Today wasn’t all a disaster. I found this drawing app on my phone, but I realized that I wasted too much time on this device.
It was fun fooling around with images like this on the app, but I rather draw in my art journal instead. So, I deleted the app.

I also managed to complete another block for the gypsy wife quilt. I am enjoying the challenge of this quilt.The Star Block requires piecing 28 triangles.  I am finding it easier to piece more accurately.
Star Block
The black and white rose fabric is one of my favorites. I have had it for awhile, just waiting to be used.
I am also working on some family projects that I will post later. A small quilt is almost finished being appliqued. It is a rather simple quilt.

Another fun project in progress for today is the facial fabric collage. I have sketched one in my notebook, but have yet to cut the fabric.

Safety issues aside, this has been a productive day.

Space Odyssy Quilt : Day 1

Day 1 included a six -hour shopping and planning trip at Las Colchas and Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.
All the big fabric pieces are cut.
All the pieces for the stars are cut.

Tonight, I was able to prepare 3 of the 9 stars I will be needing.
Oops, I just noticed that one of the yellow and blue squares is not in the right direction.
Glad I caught this.
I have 3 different patterns of yellow fabric for the stars.
Joan, at Las Colchas, suggested that this might make the quilt more interesting.
I agreed.

That’s all for today.
It’s time to get some sleepemoji!