Space Odyssey Quilt: Day 3

Measuring and cutting correctly is still difficult for me.
I set up a longer table, and that helped a bit.
However, the problem is knowing the stretch of the fabric.
Each time I measured, I would get a different result.
Very frustrating.
I want to see about taking a course on this.

I just need to add a few more borders and it will be done.


Ready, Set, Go! Space Quilt #2

Since I have already made my granddaughter two quilts, I was not sure if she wanted another.
One was a ballerina quilt; the other had birds in a tree.
These were small lap quilts,and they were the second and third quilts I had ever made.

Since I had not used the second space panel for my grandson’s quilt, I thought I could use it in a quilt for my granddaughter, another space enthusiast. I asked my son if my granddaughter would like a space quilt. Her room has recently been decorated with solar system decals and stars.

My son’s response was that she loves anything her grandmother makes and she is probably expecting one for Christmas.
The rush is on!

This morning, I found this great free pattern from eQuilter . It was designed by Wendy Sheppard, courtesy of Benartex. This pattern included the exact Out of this World panel I already have, so it was perfect.
I have ordered from eQuilter before and I have always been satisfied with the fabric.
I called to see about how to order just the pieces I needed, and I was informed it could take about 6 business days for it to get here.
This would be too late, so I went to Las Colchas and JoAnn’s and found what I needed.
Joan and Shawn were great in helping me figure out the fabric I needed.

The pattern gives great directions with a list of materials needed. I made some adjustments to make it special for my granddaughter. I know she likes purple, so I had to include it. I also decided to use one cream fabric instead of the two that were in the pattern. This will just keep it simple for me.


Space Quilt: Day 8

Any time spent with my sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren are treasured moments.
Yesterday was spent with my youngest son and youngest grandson.
This three year old is a bundle of love.
I returned home inspired to complete the space quilt.

I asked my son to choose from these two fabric panels.
20161104_235705453_ios  20161104_192626500_ios

I pieced remnants to the sides.
I need to cut this fabric into two panels for the sides.
Since I do not have a big enough table, I will go use the table at Las Colchas.
Then it is off to Jeana Kubik  at Busy Bees Quilting for longarm quilting.














Space Quilt: Day 7

Quilt top complete!
I thought I would not be able to get to it today, but I finally finished the top.
It measures 58″W x 74″ L.
A twin bed measures 38″W x 75″.
I guess I got it close enough in length.
As for the width, it will drape a bit on both sides.
I based my measurements on the star block.
The star block had to be at least a 6″ block, to make the math easy.


Next step…the back of the quilt.
This will take some piecing.
I have the space panel with the earth and moon.
There are also remnants from the star block, plus some blue fabric.

This fabric is really more navy blue than it shows in this photo.
It is for the binding.

This quilt back requires way too much math for me tonight.
I will be visiting my grandson tomorrow, so I won’t be getting back to this quilt until Sunday.
It will give me time to think.

Space Quilt: Day 5

Ye stars! which are the poetry of heaven!
Lord Byron

As I piece this space quilt, I have images of my son and grandson taking their night walks, talking about the stars and outer space.
They have inspired me to take time to look at the night sky.

Yesterday, I managed to piece three-fourths of the orange frame.
After going to the gym, I returned home re-energized and ready to go.
The second frame, (purple) required piecing an extension.
I used the technique that I was taught at Las Colchas and found that I liked cutting and piecing with diagonal seam better than with a straight seam. The seam is stronger, and the line is is less visible.

If my errands tomorrow do not take so long, I might be able to finish the top of the quilt.

Space Quilt : Day 2

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Patience does not come easy for me.
When I started quilting, I realized right away that I needed to set short-term goals in order to feel like something had been accomplished on a daily basis.
Other wise, it would be a race to the finished product.
I would make many mistakes and have to rip and redo.

After cutting all the fabric yesterday, I set the goal to make only one blue star quilt block.
It felt good to see I was on the right track.

Today, my goal was to finish all six of the blue star quilt blocks.
I placed them on the design board just to get that motivation to continue.
I thought that I had cut all 288 of the three-inch squares I needed to piece into 144,  2.5 inch squares.
I was able to piece and prepare the complete 2.5 inch squares for the orange star block.
However, I did not have enough of the yellow and white to complete the purple star block.
I miscounted somewhere.
Tomorrow’s goals:
Piece 6 orange star blocks
Cut more yellow and white to form the star for the purple star blocks.

I got side-tracked with another idea today.
I thought it might be fun to either applique or make a block with an astronaut or rocket.

After talking to my son, he said he would create a jpg based on the templates I sent him.
I can print them on fabric and decide at that point if I want to applique or make a block.
I would need to go to the Mesquite Bean if I choose to applique.
They welcome customers bringing their machines and working in a back room, where they offer free assistance. Isn’t that cool?

The rocket would include my son and grandson.
The rocket would look something like this.

The astronaut would just have the photo of my grandson.
The astronaut would be based on this free image I got online.

This is all still in the “maybe” stage.
I don’t know if I can do it, but I might give it a try.

I will get there some day.
Thanks, Winnie the Pooh.

Space Quilt: Day 1

It has been a year since I have made a quilt.
Last year, I  made a total of 13 quilts, all before Christmas.

I spent yesterday afternoon and part of this day, cleaning the sewing machine and organizing the room.
The sewing machine was way over due for a thorough cleaning.
I purchased Aurifil thread, as recommended by my friend, Joy, who works at Mesquite Bean.
She said it does not produce as much lint as many of the other threads do.
I love it already.
20161029_190615837_ios  20161029_190928261_ios

Then I made a more precise plan in my design book.

This morning, I upgraded my iron and purchased new rotary blades.
What a difference this new Black and Decker Iron makes in forming perfect seams.

All the large fabric pieces are cut.
I also cut all of the pieces for the stars.
20161029_231122481_ios  20161030_002403865_ios

I laid out the center panel and the first frame of strips.
I need to complete the star blocks before I measure and cut the large strips and fit the blocks into the frame strips.

Vicky, at Las Colchas, taught me how to make two 2.5″squares by placing two 3″squares, right sides together.
Draw a diagonal line.

Sew a quarter inch seam on each side of the diagonal line.
Cut the diagonal line.
Use a 2.5 inch ruler to cut down to size.
My plan was to sew all of the squares for the stars, but I just had to see how a completed star would look.
One down…17 more to go.

I was a bit nervous about starting this quilt, since it has been awhile since I made one.
This is the first time I made a star, and I was quite excited about the results.

This is my stopping point for Day 1.