Space Odyssey Quilt: Day 4

It has been three years since I retired as an educator.
I still miss the students, and I also miss writing curriculum.

This year, my walking buddy and I are doing a little volunteering at a school.
And, today, a friend who is still teaching, asked if I could write some lesson plans for her grade level.
It felt good to get back to writing ELA lesson plans!

Because I spent the morning writing lessons, I got a late start on finishing the Space Odyssey quilt.
I just had to add all of the borders, so I managed to complete the quilt tonight.
And I got to see the Dallas Cowboys win!
What an exciting game!!


Joan and Shawn at Las Colchas were right on target when it came to figuring out the amount of fabric needed.
Since I changed the pattern a bit, I needed to adjust the fabric requirement.
I just have a few remnants left.
Thank you, Joan and Shawn!

Space Odyssey Quilt: Day 2

 I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.
Dr. Seuss

Rainy days are good fun days for quilting.
I managed to complete the row of stars today.
The space panel I have is the exact panel that was shown in the pattern.
The problem is, the pattern says the panel is 22.5″ X 48.5″ with directions to “fussy cut”.
The panel was actually 24″ by 58″.
If I cut it to 48″, I lose some of the moon and a planet.
I made 9 star blocks of 6.5″ instead of the 8 star blocks in the pattern.
I can either add a strip to each end of the column of star blocks, or try to cut the panel to 54″ without losing important images on the fabric.
Time to think.