Small Sewing Tote

In the evenings, I like to sit and watch a bit of television. While I am watching TV, I like to work on small projects. I have started boro stitiching projects. I also like to hand-stitch or embroider small art squares. It was time to organize the items needed for these small projects and have everything in a small tote.
I found a tutorial for making a small sewing tote bag, by Whitney Sews. I had some sewing theme fat quarters, but not enough to make a whole bag. I used different fabrics for the front and back pockets. I had enough black and white polka-dot fabric to make the outer bag. There was enough blue fabric for the lining.  I used Bosal Foam to add shape and form. I followed pattern directions for the outside pockets, and I added inside pockets to the lining.

Then, I found a pattern for making scissor pouches. Daniel Mckenzie has a great tutorial for making this super easy pattern. I wanted to use the remnants that I had, so I changed the measurements given for this pattern. The larger scissor pouch was cut at 8″ X 10″ for the outer pieces; and 7″X 9″ for the Bosal Foam.
The smaller pouch was cut at 8″ x 8″ for the outer pieces; and 7″ X 7″ for the foam. I liked this pattern because it accommodates for more than one pair of scissors, and also different sizes.
There are scissors in the back pockets also.
Now, I am ready to go watch some old movies and work on some small projects. The best part, is that I will have everything I need in my new sewing tote!

Embroidery thread, scissors, needles, thimbles…all ready to go! 😁