It was a beautiful spring morning…just perfect for visiting the Semmes Library and taking a walk in Comanche Lookout Park. I only checked out three books: joyful Daily Stitching by Valerie Bothell; Rule Breaking Quilts by Kathryn Schmidt; the Best-Ever Appplique Sampler by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. Lots of good stuff in these books!
When I arrived at the library, this Mockingbird was waiting for me. He did not bother to fly away. Instead, he continued to sing and pose for me.

He inspired me to thread sketch this singing bird when I got home.

I was able to get a four mile walk in the park. It rained heavily last night, so everything looked green and fresh. The walk was so energizing and inspirational, the inner me wanted to break out in song. The real me did not want to scare the other walkers in the park with my singing. 😉 I captured this moment in a thread sketch selfie. I am singing, “Oh, what a beautiful morning…”.

I took a few photos along the way. One is a picture of Fox Run Elementary, where I spent 30 of my 42 years of teaching. The picture is taken from the view of the park, by the path where my students and I would take to enter the park. We would write poetry, complete science nature hike activities, and walk to the library. There is also a photo of the educational pavilion in the park near the library. It made me sad to think that the students were stuck inside the building on a beautiful day like today.

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Library Tuesday

The Semmes Library is in my neighborhood. It is located across a dry creek bed from Comanche Lookout Park. Comanche Lookout is the fourth highest point in Bexar County. It is right across the street from Fox Run, the school in which I taught since the 1990’s.
When I first moved into the area, the park had not yet been established. My husband would take our sons hiking up the unpaved trails.
Once the park was established, I would take my students to the park for on-site science lessons and nature scavenger hunts. We would also walk to the Semmes library for presentations and to sign up for summer reading.
Today, I walked the park and visited the Semmes Library. I could hear and see the children having recess.  I came home with some good reading.

The first book I chose to read was Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston. I like the way each chapter is set up with exercises, references, reflective queries, artist quotes, and homework
My favorite quote is in Chapter 5, Innovative Piecing.

“Artists who seek perfection in everything achieve it in nothing.”
Eugene Delacroix