End-of-Year Projects

We just returned from celebrating the holidays with my three sons and their families.
The big hit for Christmas gifts were fart guns, Hulk fists, and harmonicas.
I wish I had thought of inventing the fart gun…genius idea.

After resting a bit this morning, I decided to make myself a carry all bag.
For the front of the bag, I used the scrappy fabric piece I made the other day.

I had enough dark purple polka-dot to use for the front and back.
There was enough lilac polka-dot to use for the lining.


Next on the list, is more scrappy fabric.
I am making journal covers to give to my friends.
Once January comes around, I will be focusing on making my first quilt for the year.
I have some designs in mind, but I have not yet made my choice.
One more day to make up my mind.