Mi Casa

This past July, two of my friends and I headed for La Grange for our own quilting retreat. Each one of us was making our own Village quilt pattern by Jumble. One of my friends had seen an adaptation of this quilt where a character fabric was sewn into the doorway. My friends and I had prepared for the trip by cutting from our fabric stashes. At the retreat, we pooled all of these fabric pieces. What fun we had just choosing from the different piles. I left the retreat with a few houses already pieced and plans to complete it at home. The piecing for this quilt was intense, and it just wasn’t that much fun doing it all alone. I kept setting the project aside. With encouragement from my blogging friends, I continued the project. I’m happy to say it is now quilted. I picked it up from my quilter yesterday and started binding it last night.
This quilt is such a  happy, fun quilt. The scrappiness adds so much color and design. The characters in the doorway are inviting you in. I decided to name this quilt, Mi Casa es Tu Casa.
One of the rows include characters from my sister Emma’s  children’s books.  I think this will be a fun quilt to use as for reading and story telling activities with children. I plan to try it out soon.
I pieced a house block to use as the label.
Recently, I was thinking of discarding my overflowing bins of scraps. Again, thanks to my blogging friends, and my sister, I rethought the situation. I hope to organize the scraps and make more scrappy quilts.

Pig in a Wig, Rat, and Bunny are three of the characters in my sister’s books.
I chose a swirly heart design for the quilting.
My label.


This was definitely a Sunday well spent.
Each Sunday, we choose one of our favorite restaurants and enjoy breakfast.
This is usually followed by a walk.

What made this day extra special is that I ran into some special people from the past.
At one store, I met up with a parents of one of my former students.
I taught their son way back in the ’90’s.
It was great to hear that he is doing well.

Then, I went to another store.
Here is where I met a former student.
I had taught her when she was in fourth grade.
I taught her cousin.
It doesn’t stop here.
I also taught her son and daughter when they were each in first grade.
The son is now 12, and the daughter is 10.
We had a great conversation, sharing memories and catching up with time.

When I got home, I went to start on the 9-Patch Chain quilt, but got distracted with another project.
I made two quick postcards.

This time, I printed the back side using the Word template for postcards.
I haven’t decided if I like handwriting or printing the message and information on the postcard.
The handwritten one seems to be more personal; and the printed one looks neater.

I went scavenging through my stash to start working on the keyboard panel for the quilt border.
I found a keyboard strip I had previously made for another quilt and I placed it against the quilt top.
The keyboard seemed to take away from the pattern of the 9-Patch Chain, and I wasn’t particularly fond of how it looked.

Yesterday, I had looked for some teal fabric that I had used for a thin border on a very large quilt I had made. Luckily, I didn’t find it until today.
I figured out I had just enough to make a 6 inch border with the teal fabric.

At first, It thought the teal border made a nice frame.
Now that I have it hanging, I don’t know if I like it.
What I do like about this quilt, is the fact that it is made from scraps and remnants.
Tomorrow, I will think about piecing the back for the quilt.
In the meantime, I will leave the quilt hanging to see if the border grows on me.

There is one more birthday to celebrate this week.
We will be celebrating my youngest son’s birthday on Tuesday.
My plan is to begin to applique the photos on the Brackenridge Park Quilt on Wednesday.

After a well spent Sunday like today, this week should be one of content.