La Sandia

“Las sandías son las sonrisas del verano”.

“Watermelons are the smiles of summer.”


One of my DIL’s gave me some fabric for my birthday. She chose a watermelon (sandía) design as the focal fabric and chose others to create a bundle. The watermelon fabric brought back memories of my childhood summers. My dad would always pick up the juiciest, sweetest watermelons at the downtown market or at trucks on the side of the road. My favorite were the black diamond watermelons. There was no better way to spend a summer day than eating watermelon with my cousins and neighborhood friends.
My first thoughts were to make a picnic blanket with this beautiful bundle of summer fabrics. There were a couple of tutorials that suggested using outdoor fabric, or flannel-backed table cloths for the backing. I had no real plan or design in mind, but I started out by making one of my favorite blocks, the Sawtooth Star. I wanted to try out my new Ultimate Flying Geese Tool by Creative Grids. I had been using an 8″ square ruler to finish off my flying geese and this worked well. But when I saw the Creative Grid tool, I thought I would give it a try. What I like about this new tool is that the measurements for 8 different sized flying geese are already marked on the ruler. This makes it so much easier and more accurate. I used the watermelon fabric for the focal point of the star, and for the outside border. I consulted with my DIL concerning the cornerstones on the outside border. She helped me decide to use the striped fabric instead of the pink polka dot. After piecing the top, I decided that I would not be using any outdoor or weather proof fabric for the backing. Instead, I pieced the remaining fabric remnants. I wanted to use as much of the fabric bundle as possible. All that is left is about half a yard of the white fabric, and this will be used for other projects.
It took one afternoon to piece this 48″ X 48″ quilt top, and another morning to piece the backing.
Nothing says summer like La Sandia!🍉
Another fun summer project I am enjoying was inspired by Claudia McGill. I was so taken by her metal sculptures, that I just had to try to make some of my own. These were so much fun to make. Now, I find myself looking for scrap metal every time I am out.
I just love summer!

In summer, the song sings itself.– WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS, AMERICANPOET

Sapphire Throne

Oh, the summer night, Has a smile of light, And she sits on a sapphire throne.
Bryan Procter

As children, the neighborhood friends and my cousins (who lived next door)
spent the summer outside…all day.
We’d bolt out the door after breakfast, and explore and enjoy the hot Texas days.
Trees were our friends; as were water hoses, water guns, and tin wash tubs.
We would return to our respective homes for supper; then head out the door to catch the sunset.
Nights were cooler outside, since we had no air conditioners.
Our parents would sit on the porches and watch us exhaust every last bit of energy we still had within us.

How I loved to sit on our brick porch column and look at the summer night sky.

Thinking of these summer nights made we want to read some poems about summer, stars, and evenings.
I pulled out some old poetry and reference books and ran across this poem quote by Bryan Procter.
The next thing I knew, I had an idea for a Summer Night quilt.

Pattern Jam offers a free design tool. I spent a few minutes on this design board and came up with this Sapphire Throne quilt design.  The design tool gives you the option to upload your own stash or choose from a line of their fabrics. Since this is just an idea, and a Project In Waiting, I used Pattern Jam fabrics. I have used this design tool before, but I have never purchased fabric from Pattern Jam.
I chose to use the Sawtooth Star block and a simple 4 Patch.

This quilt is now on my ever growing list of PIW.