What a Day!

Since the sash strips had been cut and pieced, I thought it would be a breeze to sew the sashes.
I don’t do well with large quilts.
Not having a design wall is a problem.
My sewing table is also too small.
I know, I’m whining.
It’s time to stop and get a better attitude.

This quilt has 35 blocks that should measure 12.5″.
29 of these blocks are totally different blocks.
There are many seams, and I am not used to working with so many seams going in different directions all in one block.

The book calls for most of the seams to be pressed opened.
I am finding that I am having to reinforce these open seam.
Also, I am having difficulty keeping a 1/4 inch seam.
The first few blocks I made are a bit less than 12. 5 inches.
I realized too late that my quarter seam guide was off.
So now, I am having to rip and redo many of the blocks.

First Row
Second Row

After an afternoon of struggling with the first two rows, I made a decision to change the pattern for the corners.
The corners were supposed to be 9 patch corners that end up measuring 3.5 inches , but I am not ready for this headache.
So, I am making solid corners with the lavender fabric.
I tried the top row of sashing to see if it worked, and I liked the results.


The second row has not been sashed.
Tomorrow, I will try to get the vertical sashes completed…well, as much as I can.
I foresee another day of rip and redo.
Now that I look at top sash, I realize that the 9 patch would have been better since the purple is in the center of the three strips.
Oh, well.
Lesson learned.


Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”
~ Mark Twain

No more day after tomorrow…I finally cut and pieced the sashing for the Tribute quilt…82 strips!
It took an hour to cut the strips. I wanted to be precise in the cutting, and I find it more difficult to cut anything less than 2.5 inches.

It took an  hour and a half to piece the strips.
I followed Jenny Doan’s suggestion of pressing the first seam before sewing the second seam.
It resulted in accurate seams.
Each sash width measures 3.5″ exactly.

It took about 20 minutes to cut the sashing into 12.5 ” sashes.

I was planning on cutting and piecing the corner 9-patches tomorrow, but I think I would rather assemble the vertical sashing instead. I need to plan more for the
9-patch since I have two different main colors.
I am also curious to see how the blocks look with the sashing.

Looking forward to tomorrow!



Surprise Saturday

One of my son’s surprised us with a visit this afternoon.
What a great way to spend a Saturday!

He walked into a quilting mess.
I had set up a large table in the living room, so that I didn’t have to keep pulling out the AccuquiltGo!.
It was supposed to be temporary, but I find it very handy to have this table.

I managed to get three blocks from Block A Day completed today.
These blocks will be included in the Tribute quilt.
Block #146, Weather Vane
Mom would always call to tell us about the weather, whenever there was a rain storm or freeze.
She wanted to make sure we dressed appropriately for the weather.
She also wanted us not to drive in the rain. 🙂
Apparently, I have inherited this Weather Vane gene.
I call my sons to inform them of any bad weather predictions. 😉

Block # 341, Homeward Bound
I am using this block for a Marching Band block.
I  had some musical note fabric remnants from pillows and journal covers that I made last year.
Mom played the French Horn in her high school marching band.
Whenever we went to the Fiesta parades, mom would go absolutely nuts with each passing band.
She would march in place, shout out to the bands, and whistle!
This was not her usual behavior, so it was hilarious to see.
Block #250, Bird’s Nest
Mom had birds figurines everywhere.
She often used nests in her floral arrangements and decorations.
I remember a shopping trip in search of small bird nests.

Since I will be sashing this quilt, I have been looking at tutorials and ideas.
Missouri Star Quilting Company had a tutorial that I found particularly interesting.
I don’t know if it suits this quilt, or not, but it is something I am considering.
I am looking for a way to sash and still highlight the center block, the House.