Marvelous Inspiration

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.


Most of these past two weeks have been spent in my sewing room, as I am busy making fabric pouches to use as gift bags. I have managed to squeeze in real life stuff on some days, but I wanted to make today special.
The year is quickly coming to an end, and I am reflecting at what I have done. It is also time to start thinking about what I want to do. My friends and I took an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful, crisp winter day by going for a walk at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. It has been a while since I visited this peaceful place. The four of us were the only ones there early this morning. We enjoyed the sounds and sights. It was quite inspirational. Even in the winter, the Gardens are a sight to see. We were able to see many birds, including a Blue Heron, a Red Hawk, and many wrens. The cardinals were absolutely gorgeous. The colors, natural designs, and textures that surrounded us led to great discussions. Two of our non-quilting friends have decided to try making their first quilt. We plan to choose the same design or pattern, but use the color palette of our choice. This is one activity on my 2020 To-Do List. There are so many things I would like to try in 2020, so I will continue looking for inspiration to help me design a plan. I hope to hear from all of you and see what you are thinking of doing. In the meantime, I will post a few photos from today’s marvelous walk.

Botanical Gardens

This morning, I took a morning walk at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. It is one of my favorite places to visit. I do not have a green thumb, so I need to go to the gardens to see beautiful flowers. The weather is still spring-like, with a lot of humidity. The summer heat has not hit yet.  Birds were every where. A Blue Jay posed for me ; and I captured a photo of a cardinal just before he took off.
I made a short video with the photos I took with my phone.

The color, design, and textures in the garden were inspirational. I think these flowers are named Brown-eyed Susan.

I used fabric paint and crayons on canvas for the background. Then I cut fabric to form the stems, leaves, and flowers. I thread sketched a bit to give it texture. Then I machine stitched a black outline.

A Walk in the Garden

After some beautiful, sunny, and warm days, we are now having a bit of a cool front. My Meemaw friends and I decided to enjoy the brisk air and take our weekly walk at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. They are having an art display of Lego sculptures. The Nature Connect sculptures are by Sean Kenney. It is an amazing display.
I especially liked the red wheelbarrow.
The “gardeners” in the background are also Lego sculptures.
The deer family was another favorite.
The spider hanging from the tree was also.

This bird bath with cardinals also had a squirrel and bumble bees. It was made with over 14, 500 Legos.

The turtle with the bird on its back made me smile.

The peacock was made with over 68,000 Legos.
The Gardens were beautiful as always, and our walk was very enjoyable.
Some of the plants were decorated.

Now, I have to get back to work.
I have finished binding one wall hanging.
I have two small quilts and one large quilt to bind.
Then there are some other projects that need to be finished before Christmas.