Spring Basket

After studying the book It’s a Wrap, by Susan Breier, and other various online tutorials, I spent some time designing an Easter, spring basket for my granddaughter. I had planned to use the white, orange, green, and aqua cotton rope that I had ordered.
After making the center for the basket, I learned the difference in using 100% cotton rope, and 100% cotton clothesline. The rope is not as tightly woven as the clothesline. This makes it a bit more difficult to start the coil. It also makes it more difficult to use and connect different colors.
I also soon realized that no matter how much I planned a certain design for the basket, the rope just takes on a life and shape of it’s own. I thought I had control of the angles I wanted for “throwing” the basket, but it kept changing as I went along. This does not necessarily mean that I do not like the outcome. It is just each bowl or basket will be different and unique.
One of the cool things about making the baskets is that it is easy to cover up mistakes. I had made a handle that just didn’t look good. I cut it off, and covered it up with a coiled handle.
Some of the stitching is off in this basket because I had trouble controlling the softer rope.
Also, the natural white rope seems to get dirty. I do not think I will be using it as much any more.
But, all in all, I think it will be an okay basket for my granddaughter’s Easter basket.
Now, I need to makeĀ  a basket for my grandson.
No telling how this one will turn out.
I plan to use just one color.