As of today, I am done with anything ending with -inchie. I had two piles of scraps on my table this morning. One was a pile of the tiniest left overs from the Inchies and Twinchies I made. The other pile was the remnants from cutting the straps on the fabric strip bag project. I read that a Rinchie is a one inch circle, so they can fit into bottle caps or pendants. I chose to make mine two inches. After finishing these Rinchies, I unceremoniously threw away the scraps that were left.

It was fun, but now…enough with the inchies.


My sister, Emma, and I were having a conversation about Inchies. We were talking about how satisfying it is to draw, sketch, create, something in a small space. She shared with me that as a university senior art student, she created art in two inch squares. This reminded me of a YouTube tutorial by Carrie Chambless…Inchies and Twinchies. Carrie demonstrates using thread scraps in making Twinchies. I, of course, hoard…I mean, save…thread scraps. I have them in jars. In the past, I have used some of these thread and fabric scraps in making a new fabric piece. I then used these new fabric pieces to make journal covers or signatures. I also find myself using balls of thread scraps like a stress relief ball…weird, I know… but it works. Anyway, today I used some burlap and satin scraps, along with thread scraps, to make some Twinchies. I started by backing the fabric scrap with a light weight fusible. Then I added the thread, tiny fabric shavings (which I also collect). Tulle was used to hold all of the scraps in place. Then, I used the sewing machine to free motion everything in place.  Embellishing these little squares with more hand stitching and buttons was very enjoyable.  I had all my jars of buttons out and tried different arrangements. It just so happened that I had some brooch pins, so I made some of the Twinchies into brooches for Emma.  It was a fun and easy process.  And, I just discovered Rinchies! Oh, my! I just love this stuff.
In the cleanup process, I found a new pile of scraps sitting on my table. They are what’s left after I cut the pieces into two inch squares.
When is it Trash or Treasure? I was just about to throw away this latest pile of scraps, when they starting falling into place, making a pretty piece. Trash or Treasure? For now, I am leaving the pile on the table. I will see how I feel about it tomorrow. Maybe the pile will transform into a a stack of Rinchies!