Great Week

I just returned from a great week with my three youngest grandchildren. Time was spent in the library, playing board games, reading, and having great conversations. I got some special one-on-one time with my infant grandson. It was also fun to meet with my three sons and daughter-in-laws, my friend Nancy, and my sister Emma. Of course there were some trips to quilt shops, craft shops, and thrift shops in the area. In between visits and time with my grandchildren, I researched different crafts and things to make. There are numerous YouTube tutorials on how to make a variety of pouches. I recently made a zippered box pouch that had exposed seams. One of the tutorials I discovered was by Marcela’s Purse. This tutorial is for a zippered and lined box pouch with no seams exposed. Marcela gives excellent directions. I was able to make three of these pouches in two hours.

I am looking forward to another great week. I hope you have one also.

Fabric Flower Pins

My friend, Nancy, makes beautiful fabric pins. I am happy to be a recipient of some of the beautiful pins she has made. She lent me a book by Amy Barickman, Indygo Junctions Fabric Flowers. I need to get the book back to her, since I have had it for some time. Before I do, I am planning on sharing it with my Meemaw friends for the next project we will be making on our Wabi-Sabi Sunday. I hope to make one of the yo-yo  or the coiled flowers that are in the book. In the meantime, I had some scraps and decided to fool around with some ideas.
I had pieced Valentine fabric scraps to make a square. I backed it with light fusible batting. Then I cut the square into different sizes of hearts.  I stacked them and sewed right through the middle, adding a bead to stabilize the center. I backed it with flannel and sewed on the clasp in the same manner as Nancy does her pins. For the second flower, I followed the tutorial by Red Ted Art. This was not as simple as the tutorial made it out to be. I think I used a thread that was too thin for making the running stitch, so gathering the flower petals together did not go so smoothly. The last floral pin I made today was based on some fabric flower kits that I saw at Michaels.
The fabric flowers in this kit were already cut. I thought I could do the same with some scraps. So, I pulled out some Kaffe polka-dot scraps that I had and cut out some circles. I decided to use pinking shears to cut the circles out. I added one layer of felt in the mix, in order to add some body to the fabric.

My friend, Francine, from Las Colchas, shared her idea of  having little projects at hand. I liked the idea of having things ready to work on while I am watching TV or listening to audio books. I prepared some embroidery projects and have all the materials for the projects in separate pouches. I took one of these to South Padre last week, so I would have something to relax with at night. I think I am going to make some Pin Pouches prepared for Wabi-Sabi Sunday. I will be seeing Nancy this month, and I hope to get some more ideas and tips on making fabric flowers.

Block # 34~ Friday, August 24

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.
Thomas Aquinas

True friends are blessings, and I am fortunate to have been blessed with beautiful friends.
This past month just confirmed how blessed I am.
First, I reconnected with Patsy. She was the para-professional that taught with me in my Pre-K class in Georgetown, Texas. As part of my Migrant Teacher duties, I would have to drive out to the farms to visit the migrant families and recruit students. Patsy would accompany me on these adventures. She was a great teaching partner.
Then, I was able to visit with Sharon. She and I have been friends since we were three. Even though we have not seen each other in ages, we were able to pick up as if we were still living across the street from each other.
This past week, I met with Nancy. She went to elementary school with Sharon, and we met when we were about 9. We both went to the same high school and the University of Texas. I love to meet with her whenever I am in the Austin area. She is one of the most creative and inspirational people ever!
Nancy brought her grandson over to swim with my granddaughter. My granddaughter enjoys his company. They had fun splashing in the pool.
I also got a chance to meet with one of my Meemaw friends and her granddaughter. Marti and her granddaughter met us at the Meadows Center in San Marcos, Texas. The two girls hit it off right away. They are the same age.
It was so much fun, seeing my friend’s grandchildren interacting and becoming friends with my grandchildren.
The fabric journal entry for this week just had to be about friends. I decided to use the Celtic symbol for friendship on this block.

Block #34~ Friday, August 24
Background: Gray cotton; floral gray, daisy print backing
Technique: Applique



Dinosaur Floor Pillow

The Dinosaur

The dinosaur
A beast of yore
Doesn’t live here

Carl Junge

But there will be dinosaurs taking residence at my grandson’s home, since I made a dinosaur floor pillow for him to drag around.
It is bigger than I planned, since I really didn’t plan ahead.
The largest ready-made pillow insert I found was 30″ x 30″.
So, I had to custom-make my own pillow insert.

I made dinosaur templates for my appliques.
I free-cut some trees, clouds and rocks for background scenery.
The blocks are 12″x 12″.

The edge blocks on the middle row are supposed to be dinosaur feet, but they look more like plants.
Today, as I was putting it together, I kept texting my friend, Nancy ,with questions and guidance.
Thanks, Nancy, for not complaining. 



Days Before Christmas

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.
Thomas Aquinas

These past three days have been crazy and hectic.
There is nothing like having a cold front and a malfunctioning furnace happen at the same time!

But these days were also very blessed.
I was able to spend these days before Christmas with two very special friends.

On Sunday, my friend Jeanne came for a visit.
She is a former educator and the best teaching partner ever.
Jeanne moved to Pfluggerville when she retired.
We slipped right into conversation and it was as if we had not been apart for so many years.
Jeanne is so very calm and wise.
I love talking with her and learning from her.
Jeanne is very creative and talented in so many ways.
She made this Christmas decoration for me.

Monday was spent with my friend, Nancy.
We met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party back when we were about nine years old.
We attended the same high school, and then we both graduated from the University of Texas.
Any time I meet with Nancy, I learn new things and I get inspired to create!

I have mentioned Nancy in previous posts.
She has an Etsy account, Reynolds Creative Work .
We spent the day, in a very cold house,  watching the repairman, sharing ideas and having fun.
I loved looking at the box of goodies from items she makes for her Etsy account.
You can find these goodies on her Etsy site.

Nancy is so very considerate.
I had given her some burlap that I used for making prayer flags.
I also had given her some lace from my mother’s stash bag.
Nancy made this beautiful table runner with the burlap and with the lace.
img_9801   img_9802

Then I chose these items that she made.
She makes the cutest dogs out of felt and sweaters.
Each dog has its own personality.
I chose one for each of my youngest grandchildren.
img_9803 img_9805img_9804
I just love the bow ties!
Nancy also makes these beautiful, unique brooches.
She uses felt, buttons, and sweater remnants.
Nancy also makes bracelets made of sweater remnants.
I had pulled one out for myself but somehow, I forgot to put it in my pile.

Nancy had a bag of Christmas earrings that she made.
I chose these bells.
Make sure you check out Nancy on Etsy.
Read the great reviews on her site.
They speak of the quality of her products and customer service.

I am looking forward to more visits with my friends.
There is definitely nothing more prized than true friends.