Murphy’s Law

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

The raised box quilt is finally finished. I am thinking this quilt should be named Murphy…after Murphy’s Law.
This quilt began with the best made plans. First, I drew the design on graph paper and colored each section. I listed the measurements for each cut and sub cut of fabric. Then, in my typical fashion, I discarded the plans and started cutting. This mistake led to MANY rips and redos.  I had to rip the whole bottom section because I had cut the yellow strips for the squares a half inch bigger than the those in the top rows. This meant I had also cut the black shadow strips incorrectly. What was I thinking?
Well, I guess I just wasn’t thinking.
I was also unhappy with some of the fussy cutting I did. I cut some more character fabric to try and get better images to showcase in the raised box squares. I was starting to fixate on getting the right image fussy cut, and finally decided that I was over thinking this process.
Then, of course, I had sewing machine drama. I fooled with the first machine way too long, and had to rip and redo seams that came out loopy. Things got much better when I pulled out my old sewing machine to finish the job.
In spite of all the mistakes and drama along the way, I am happy with the finished product.

Now, I can move on to my next project.

Stay focused
Stick to a plan
Get sewing machine fixed