Out With the Old…In With the New

I can’t believe that it will soon be 2017.
This past week has been spent getting organized and catching up with old movies.
It was all about out with the old, and preparing for the new.
Well, I didn’t pitch every thing that was old. ūüėČ

I have also continued to study Block a Day by Lucinda Ganderton, and I decided to get started on it a day early.
The first block, Rainbow Circle, seemed very plain to me.
After I used my AccuQuilt to cut, I assembled the pieces.
Bam! I was struck by the simplicity and boldness of the colors.
It made me think of my favorite quote from Charlie Chaplin:
¬† ¬†“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.”
I think this is a good message for 2017.
Life is too precious to waste looking down.

My goal is to make a block a day, but I might not do it in order.
So far, I have made the Rainbow Circle  and the Spinning Heart.
Except for the floral print and the white fabric, I have been able to use remnants.
I purchased Kona white “snow” fabric for my neutral.
I saw the floral and I knew it would coordinate with a lot of my remnants.

As I was reading through the Block a Day, I decided to make a queen size quilt.
I am calling it Tribute to Tonie, my mom.
I found and marked all of the blocks that I thought represented mom.
The book has some beautiful blocks of birds, flowers, baskets, and hearts.
Mom loved birds.
They would go to her kitchen window and she would tell them they would have to wait for their seeds.
No one could go over without getting a tour of her garden.
Her first question upon entering the house : “Did you see my begonias?”

She used to make floral arrangements in wreaths and baskets, so I chose four of the basket blocks.
One is called Grape Basket.
Mom loved to use grapes in her decorations.

I also chose a rooster block, since mom had a kitchen with rooster curtains, floor mats, and table mats.
There is also a block with a candy design.
Mom always had candy dishes in the living room.

There will be four seasonal tree blocks included.
Mom loved her trees.
The center block will be a house block.

My fabrics will include her favorite color, purple.
I will also have fabric with both floral designs and  polka dots.
It seems all of my siblings like polka dots just like mom!

20170101_041029919_ios¬† I posted my design and some swatches of the first blocks in my Quilter’s Planner.

I started with the four corners.
For the four corners of the quilt, I chose the Woven Heart block.
20170101_030918075_ios  20170101_030922516_ios

20170101_030932833_ios 20170101_030926974_ios

I am looking for some 12 inch butterfly blocks.
If I cannot find any, I might try to figure one out myself.
I have seen a few on Pinterest.
If this doesn’t work out, there is a block in Ganderton’s book that is entitled, Birds in the Air.
It is a modern, abstract block that might serve as blender of all the colors in the fabric.

Today, I also spent some time learning how to use my Activeon  camera.
It was fun recording my walk.
I also attempted to record the process of making the heart blocks.
There is still much to learn about this camera.

This last day of 2016 had been busy and blessed.
Happy New Year!

Preparation Days

Today was spent preparing for the first week of Block a Day.
I pulled fabric from my newly organized stash drawers.
There was enough fabric for the first week of blocks.
Then, I went to Hobby Lobby and I purchased a few extra fabric pieces.

There is a gift card burning a hole in my pocket.
JoAnn’s is having a 20% off the entire purchase next¬†Senior Wednesday.
If I can hold out that long, I will go fabric shopping next week.

I spent part of the day trying to learn how to use my new Activon Camera.
This was given to me so that I can record my hikes and bird watching.
I would also like to record some of my quilting process.
I learn so much from reading other people’s blogs, and I would like to contribute my learning process.
It might be helpful for people to see that we can learn from our mistakes. ūüôā
However, I am having a bit of difficulty in learning how to use this camera.
Thankfully, there are many tutorials.
I have some studying to do!

A few weeks ago, I purchased The Quilter’s Planner 2017.
When I started quilting and sewing, I started keeping a journal in spiral notebooks and in composition books.
I used these journals to put fabric swatches and photos of the product, along with notes about the product.
The Quilter’s Planner caught my eye because it is well constructed.
It would be nice to have it all in one place, instead of in different journals.
The calendar is exactly what I need.
When I retired, I thought I would never use a calendar again.
I need it now, more than ever.
It has a section of useful information.
It also provides a block for each week.
I’m thinking I might try piecing some of these blocks.

The Blue Stencil Film I ordered arrived today.
My plan for tomorrow is to make the templates for the first section of Block A Day.