Family Time

These past few days have been intense. All is well, now that my daughter-in-law and grandson came home today. My granddaughter has taken on the role of big sister. She said she knew she loved her brother as soon as she saw his face. In preparation for the homecoming, she made some Welcome Home and Family posters.

While the baby is napping, my granddaughter and I keep busy with different activities. Today, she helped me stitch some quilted pillow squares that I plan to use for a journal of some kind. We had some very relaxing hand -sewing sessions between baby feedings.

These are the two quilted pillows I have so far. I saw a video on how to embroider a thread flower, It did not come out like I wanted. I forgot to save the tutorial video, and I cannot find it. Now, I will either rely on my memory and try again, or just try something else.
In the meantime, I have a few more days to be here with my son. I plan to help as much as I can and enjoy every minute of this family time.