Plan B

Well, you see its like this.
Monday morning was spent working on a project that is taking longer than I expected.
After taking a break from this project, and fueled with another cup of coffee, Plan B was put into action.
Plan B was to pull a bin with the intention of organizing it. Since it is a small bin, I thought I could take care of this in a short amount of time.
When I discovered this bin was filled with sewing- themed fabric, left over from another project, I started to think of different ways to put the fabric to good use. Plan B was set aside, and a new project began.
In preparing for 2021, I have the Quilter’s Project Planner, sketchbooks, my daily planner, and a bullet journal. I ordered new pens and markers. There are also library cards and other items to use in making bullet journals. All of these items need to be in one spot. Time was spent viewing many tutorials on making zippered or buttoned pouches; but I realized that these pouches would not hold everything I want to organize. Then I got the idea of making a small tote with four outer pockets.
There was not enough of any one fabric to make the tote, so I used the mixed selection of fabrics. The quilt planner is the largest of the books I want to include, so I added 2 inches to the width and length. Pockets were made from four different fabric pieces. Two different fabrics were used in making the lining. The straps are also made from two different fabrics. The front and back pieces were cut a bit larger than the lining because I wanted to quilt them. After cutting the quilting to size, I had a quilted strip that was perfect for making a pen pouch.
Maybe Plan B did work, because now I have an empty bin.
The problem is that now I have fabric crumbs to add to my overflowing fabric crumb bin.
The bonus is I now have an organizational tote.
Not bad for a Monday.