Day 62

On January 1, I began the project of making a quilt block a day.
The blocks are from Block a Day, by Lucinda Ganderton.

When I started, my OCD kicked into high gear, and I was focused on making one block each day, in order.
I finally gave myself permission to take a break, and even skip around.
Instead of setting a goal to finish all 365 blocks, I set the goal to learn new skills with each block.

I designed a Tribute to Tonie quilt, using 35 of the blocks.
Some of the blocks were used to make totes and pillows.
Some were given to a friend.
At this time, I am making a quilt called Hope. I am using 25 different block patterns.

Today is day 62, and I have made a total of 57 blocks.
Considering that I have gone out-of-town a few times, and I was sick with the flu for two weeks,
I feel good about making 57 blocks.

More importantly, I do believe I have learned many new skills.
The mistakes that I made in the process of piecing the Tribute quilt, have already been corrected.
I can see improvement in the blocks I am making for the Hope quilt.
The cutting, seams, and piecing are more accurate.
I am also finding it easier to make squares such as the following:
flying geese, boat squares, hourglass squares,pin wheel square, stitch and flip, diamond squares, and house squares.
There are a few more squares in the book that I have either not gotten enough practice. or done at all.

Many of the remaining blocks are repeats and variations of what I have done already.
There are some scrappy blocks that I do not see a need to make.
After I finish this Hope quilt, I will make a few more of the blocks; but I think I have already achieved my goal of learning more skills.There might not be any more new skills to acquire in the remaining blocks.
I can benefit from the practice, but it would probably be more effective to practice by making other projects.

This book has been a great resource.
It has even helped me learn how to calculate how much fabric I need for projects.
Another plus is that I am using my fabric stash!

These are the blocks I made today for the Hope quilt:
Block #111 North Star
Block #228 


Block #170 Churn Block


Block # 247 #4 Square Block 


Block #122 Bauhaus Block

Super Siblings

We knew this first December without mom would be tough, but oh my…
Thankfully, I have three super siblings.

My youngest sister was in town this week.
We went to eat breakfast at Jim’s, my mom’s favorite place for breakfast.
It was great being together.
We miss having our brother near.
He lives in Seattle, but we do keep close contact.
It has been a great week.

Emma, the author and illustrator for The Pig in a Wig series, was scheduled in schools and  at Barnes and Noble for author visits and book signing.
It was a thrill to see her with the children.
She connects with her audience and inspires them.
Today, one little boy said he was going to go home and write his own story.
The teacher in me just wanted to dance with joy when I heard him say this!
I took this photo as she was setting up at Barnes and Noble.
The wig and pig nose are big hits with the kids!
I am so proud of her!

Oh, at Barnes and Noble, I found a great book by Lucinda Ganderton.
I haven’t had a chance to study it, but, I like what I have seen so far.

Upon returning home, I got right back to work on a Christmas stocking.
My youngest son said he was looking for a stocking for his son, and I, of course, volunteered to make one.
I made my own pattern for the stocking, but I did find a tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
When my sons were little, I made stockings out of felt.
I followed the tradition of placing a felt, beaded tree and train.
This time, I wanted to quilt a stocking.
This is what I have so far.
20161211_025154276_ios  20161211_025202523_ios
I made my own tree applique, but cheated and used already made Christmas and bird appliques.
I hope to finish this tomorrow morning.
My friends and I will be volunteering at a school on Thursday.
I let my friend talk me into her bird brain idea of making 97 bird seed ornaments to give the students.
I will be teaching an art/writing lesson on Thursday, and I need to prepare for that.