Saturday Stitching

I would like to start this Saturday by thanking Cindy for once again sending me on a creative adventure!
Cindy sent me a link to Liz Kettle at Textile Evolutions. I loved hearing the artist’s story and listening to her thoughts about creating. I had never heard of stitch meditation…what a cool idea!
Liz states that an artist job is to “make and not judge”.  She also talks about using this stitch meditation to “start the day with art.” What a way to start the day!
Liz sometimes starts with an “ugly” fabric. Yesterday’s Gelli-Art prints have turned into a stitch meditation piece for me.I chose the Purple Mush mistake piece and the Orange Slush clean-up scrap that I had planned on discarding. Then, I just pulled out another fabric piece from my tiny scrap bin. I added one of the muslin pieces that I had stamped many moons ago.
I found this hand-stitching to be quite peaceful and fun.
Thanks for the link, Cindy.

I used the rest of the Purple Mush mistake fabric to make a 5″x 7″ quilted block. This block could become a part of a signature for a fabric just-for-fun journal.

Family, Fun, and Fabric Painting

It has been a beautiful Easter weekend with family!
I got to spend time with two of my sons, my youngest grandchildren, and my sister and her partner.
(Oops…I forgot to mention my fabulous daughter-in-laws!)
I had phone time with my other son, and texts from my oldest grandson.
When I returned home, I got busy on my fabric painting projects.
I have been viewing tutorials on fabric painting and trying things out.
I purchased some acrylic paints, pastels, and textile medium.
I might regret my decision to be economical and buy Artist Loft pastels instead of Inktense.
My reasoning was to try the process of using pastel blocks before investing in the pricey Inktense blocks.
Since I used these paints to make my hexagon blocks for my quilt journal, I figured it would be okay to experiment. This quilt journal is for me; and it is more of an art piece than a functional quilt.

Supplies: Fabric markers, colored pencils, pastels, and textile medium

Water Colors

Fabric painting is so much fun!
My work is basic and simple…nothing fancy.
There are so many things that need improvement, but it is a learning process for me.

I decided to work on two quilt journal blocks.
The block for last week is Ode to Spring.
I also wrote my first poem for the month of April, since this is poetry month.
Since I will be out of town next week, I went ahead and made the block for the week.
This block was inspired by the fabulous Easter Egg hunt I had with my grandchildren.
Easter Egg Hunt

I started out by using water colors to paint the background for the Easter Egg Hunt block.

I ironed the water colored background. As it dried, I worked on the Ode to Spring block.
After the background dried, I appliqued some eggs and flowers.

My black thread outlining is a bit sketchy, but it will have to do.

Besides the fact that my free motion skill is limited, I was also having trouble with the tension on my sewing machine. I just need to sew the border.

Ode to Spring

I drew the picture for Ode to Spring using a black Micron marker.
Then, I coated a section with the textile medium. This was followed by a color with the pastel and then reapplying medium.
I worked a section at a time, applying the medium after each coat of paint.
I used pastels, markers, and colored pencils on this block…just trying things out.

The background is a bit streaky.
I added some colored thread sketching. (Not pictured here.)

There are so many possibilities with painting the fabric.
This is just the beginning, and I hope to improve and continue having fun.
I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!