Block #19~ May 11

Definition of “just ducky”: When asked how you’re doing, “just ducky” is a sarcastic way of saying everything is fine.

Block #19 is eight days late in getting done. I had it in my mind, but I have been side-lined by a health issue. Last week, after strolling the San Antonio Riverwalk and visiting Comfort, Texas with my Meemaw friends, I came down with a case of shingles. All I can say is…well, I can’t print the words I have been using. Let’s say I am “just ducky”.

Today is the first time I felt like coming into the studio to work…so, I consider this progress. During our stroll on the San Antonio Riverwalk, we were delighted to see so many ducks and ducklings.I found  myself singing one of my favorite children’s songs, Six Little Ducks. This is the version of the song by Raffi…one of my favorite singers for kids.
I enjoyed watching a mother mallard and her ducklings…such a sweet sight.
I decided to record this memory in my quilt journal. My plans were to thread sketch ducks, but that would have been a bit too much for today. Instead, I drew and painted some ducks on a linen fabric.
I decided to tell a story with this block by having one duckling going in the opposite direction. This is the duckling that swims to the beat of a different drummer.

Block #19 Just Ducky
Background: 100% Cotton Linen, acrylic paints
Technique: Drawing;fabric pencil colors used on ducks; acrylic paints used on background; FMQ

It was great being back in my studio. It made me feel much better.

Block #18~ Friday, May 4th

As mentioned in a previous post, the Star Wars franchise has many memories for me.
Since today is Star Wars Day, it is only fitting that the hexagon block for my fabric quilt journal commemorate this day. I finished FMQ and binding the Yoda hexagon. I think I might try to add some color to the backing, since the white seems to stand out too much.

Block #18 –May the 4th Be With You

Background: Canvas
Technique: Thread sketch, fabric painting, FMQ

Early this morning, I texted my sons this corny message: May the 4th be with you!
I am sure they appreciated it!