Unfinished Product/ Works in Progress

At this time, I have about 4 unfinished products.
Maybe it would be better to call them “works in progress”
Last week, I posted the photos of a pumpkin block.
My first plan was to use these blocks to make a tote bag.
Then, the plan was to make an apron.
But, the blocks ended up being made into a table runner.
So far, I just have the top.
I plan to use black and white polka-dot fabric for the backing;
and orange or black binding.
I need to learn how to back and quilt the runner, so it might take a while to finish.
The black border did not turn out like I wanted.
I thought it was too somber.
But, my sisters say it looks good.
I might just do simple line quilting if my practice with stippling doesn’t produce good results.
20160821_225430003_iOS 20160823_180743752_iOS
I made this apron pattern and was trying to figure something out with the blocks.
Table Runner Top