Prayer Flags

A few years ago, I got interested in making prayer flags. My friends and I got together to make some seasonal outdoor prayer flags. I made some flags with my granddaughter. These are the two my mom and I made. She had them hanging on her front door. They now hang on the doorway to my studio.

I have some regular-sized prayer flags hanging on the window in my studio.

Yesterday, I spent some time looking for ideas on Pinterest. I found some adorable mini-prayer flags and broaches.  I find it relaxing to keep my hands busy when I am watching TV. I placed the bin of scraps next to my chair, and made four little flags while watching a great mystery series. I used a ribbon to start stringing the flags across one of the shelves on my office desk.

Positive Thinking

The mind is everything. What you think you become.


Port A, Texas, has been on my mind.
My son went last week.
A friend of mine is there this week.
I sure want to put my feet in some Port A sand.
The closest I got to anything coastal today was eating the Senior Fish Fillet
at Sea Island.
I could almost hear the sea gulls and feel the coastal breeze.
Maybe I can head towards Port A in August.

In the meantime, I spent the afternoon making my garland of flags.
The garland has a combination of prayer, inspirational, and “me” flags.
In my stash I found burlap and canvas that I used for  making the flags.
I also had some quote squares that I previously used to make tote bags and mug rugs.
My favorite quotes are the Grandma Lottery and the  “The heart that loves is always young” squares.
It was fun sorting through my buttons.
I used some scissor, needle, and sewing machine buttons for a “me” flag.
I had forgotten how much fun it was to make these flags.
Future small project:  prayer flags for my back fence


These flags are pleasant reminders to think and be…

Good Intentions

Good intentions are not enough. They’ve never put an onion in the soup yet.
Sonya Levien

After finishing the super cape, I had every intention of cleaning out bins and reorganizing my sewing room. Needless to say, no onion was put in the soup today.

I opened one bin that had ribbons, lace, burlap, and other things I had used to make prayer flags and pennants.
About a year ago, my friends and I made prayer flags and Halloween banners.  I also made some prayer flags with my granddaughter, and they are still hanging in her house.
Then, I remembered a post by Linda on Take Time to Create. She made a beautiful embroidered garland.
So, I went off on another tangent.
I was going to make a garland of prayer flags.

As I was pulling out the box of flag stuff, I remembered the project I had made with mom. I often took craft stuff to her house to keep us busy.
One time, I took material and things for us to make prayer flags for her house.
It was the last project we did together.
I decided to open the box that contained a few things that I had kept from her house.
Not only did I find the prayer flags we made, I also found her jar of buttons and her thimble collection.

We were only able to make two prayer flags, but I am so happy we made them.
I pulled out another box that I had brought from mom’s house and found the yarn
yo-yo’s mom had crocheted.
We had talked about using these to crochet a shawl, but we never got a chance
to do it.
I am going to look for a way to make this shawl.
I love to crochet, but my thumb does not…it jams on me when I crochet.

A floral crocheted pot holder ,made by my Aunt Pi, was in the bag.
When I do clean up my sewing room, I will hang up the  thimbles and the prayer flags.

Instead of getting back to my good intentions, I started making some flags for my room.
This is what I have so far:
So much for good intentions…
It was a great afternoon anyway!