365 Days of Art

One of the journals I keep is a moleskin book for daily doodle art.
Drawing/doodling is on my Daily To-Do List.
Here are three of my first seven entries for this year’s art journal.

My dream is to one day thread sketch my version of Zentangle art.
Dream on…

This year, I decided to join the 365 Days of Art Challenge.
This challenge is being sponsored by Sherry, at Powered by Quilting.
I thought it would be a good idea to have a daily, structured art activity.
Usually, I do not do well with structure, so I thought doing a daily creative exercise might help me develop my art skills. I tend to be a cartoonist and doodler.
This week, I have kept up with all seven entries. I have not put the same amount of energy into every task, but I am keeping up with the challenge so far.

Day 1 was about creating a pattern.

Day 2 was turning paint splodges into animals.

Day 3 was drawing particular elements of a building. I sketched part of the San Antonio skyline.

Day 4 was just playing with color. I got to try out my new markers.

Day 5 was to challenge your mind and color fruit with the wrong colors.

Day 6 was adding to this school of fish.

Day 7 was drawing someone from memory.
The pictures that I drew on fabric came out better than the work I did for the challenge today.
So far, this has been fun creative exercise.

It has been a long first week of 2018…busy, cold, and fun.

Block 5: Snow Much Fun!

Participating in the I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along is SNOW MUCH FUN!
Block #5 is an adorable snowman designed by Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting.

Every year, I taught an integrated instructional Snowman Unit; and my first graders loved it. The unit started with the viewing and reading of my favorite of all time…The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. We made snowmen out of socks, read every snowman book I could find, drew snowmen, and wrote poems and stories about snowmen.

So, this morning,  when I saw  that Block #5 was a snowman, I did a happy dance.
It took me a while to choose the fabrics. My husband and my sister both chose the fabrics that were the favorite of all my choices.
I have concerns about the white with green polka-dot fabric that I chose for the snowman’s body. One of the dots bled a bit when I ironed the seam.
I will use  Shout Color Catcher when I wash the quilt, and hopefully it will not run.

Since I wanted my snowman to have character, I added reading glasses.
He is a scholarly snowman who loves to read books.
His name is Professor Frost.
He is holding two of the many snowmen books I used to read to my students.

The two books are: Snowmen at Christmas  and Snowmen All Year by Caroline Buehner.

Part of the fun of participating in this QAL is the mystery and not knowing what comes next.
It is also so enjoyable to see the different interpretations of the block that are posted by other participants.
With each block, I can see that I am learning something new and refining skills.
This snowman block has some small pieces, and I can see that my cutting is more accurate.
Also, I noticed that I am improving in sewing a quarter inch seam.
Sherry Sish provided excellent directions.
Abbie, of  Sparkle On, gave a good tip about adding to the width of the side pieces in order to facilitate squaring the block at 12.5″ x 12.5″. I also tried to follow her lead on reading the whole directions thoroughly before starting. This is a step I usually skim over. Thanks, Abbie!

Now I am ready for Block #6.
Is it a Gift pattern on the block?
Maybe a Stocking pattern…
Oh, is it a Wreath pattern or maybe a Bell?

I designed some of my own pattern blocks that I might try out if these items are not included in the QAL.