Pig in a Wig Pillow

I just love Pig in a Wig!
And I love the author, my sister, Emma J. Virjan.
She will be presenting her second Pig in a Wig book at the San Antonio Book Festival on April 2.
In order to celebrate this event, I decided to make a pillow for What This Story Needs is a Hush and a Shush.
Thanks to Sean and Nancy for their help in designing this pillow.


Huggy Pillow

When I heard that a very special person would be in the hospital for a few days,
I wanted to make a huggy pillow for her comfort.
I had previously ordered a book, Quilter’s Think Pink by Jeanne Stauffer, because I was looking for a pattern to make a quilted prayer shawl. This book has instructions for 16 different projects.
The pillow I chose to make was called You’re in My Heart, which is actually the message I
wanted to send.
Las Colchas has a section of 1930 fabric that I thought was just right for this pillow.

Acquired/Improved Skills: hand quilting, adapting and changing pattern