Working on new projects gives you the opportunity to learn and absorb new things
 Michelle Ryan

I am always setting my glasses down and forgetting where I put them.
Today’s project was made to help remedy this problem.
The project also gave me the opportunity to learn something new.
In the book, It’s a Wrap, by Susan Breier, there are directions for making an oval basket.
In my rope project supply box, I found some already prepared fabric that was left over from one of the baskets I made. There was only 4 yards, and I did not want it to go to waste.
I guessed and made adjustments to the directions and was able to make a small oval basket.
It would be have been better if I had had more fabric to build up more of the walls.
The directions state that the walls of an oval basket tend to be flimsy. Suggestions are given to support the wall with cording on top of the wall as embellishment. I used buttons instead, and they seem to give the support necessary.
As you can see below, the ends are dipping.
I added a handle made out of a remnant of webbing.
The button that is holding the webbing, also adds support to the end.
The basket is narrow and so it will sit nicely on my side tables without taking up too much space.
Now, I have a special place for my glasses.
I just need to remember where I put the basket!