Hot Day

It is 5:30 PM and it is HOT! 101 in the shade…and no relief in sight. I stayed inside as much as possible today.
It was a good day for working in my studio. I had the AC and fans blowing.

I plan to meet up with a friend this Friday. I have not seen her since 1976, when we worked together in Georgetown,Texas. I made these house mug rugs for her, using the flying geese block.

My Meemaw friends liked these and now they want to make some on a craft day. When we do make these, I plan to use the no-waste technique that I learned from reading Melanie’s blog at Catbird Quilt Studio. I tried it out and made four house mug rugs like this one:

It was so much more efficient to use this method. This method yields four of the same fabric flying geese. I plan to make three more house mug rugs. Then I will be able to mix and match and make a set of different houses.

Today, I made a different type of house mug rug. I drew a pattern for a house, then cut out a door and windows. This is a good project to use up my larger stash pieces.

When I was out shopping yesterday, I ran across some duck fabric that I thought my daughter-in-law would like. I took pictures of the fabric and asked if she would like some pillows. She said yes, so I made these this afternoon.

I will be closing up my studio for a few days, since I will be pet sitting at my son’s house.
I was debating as to whether I should leave my sewing machine at home or take it with me. The decision is to leave it at home. I I have some reading and visiting that will take up my time.
And, I think I might visit my sister and jump in her pool!


I just returned from my granddaughter’s birthday party that was held in one of those bouncing house gyms. Whew!
The energy in that gym was powerful! The children stopped only to refuel on cake and snacks. Then, the energy level really rose to the ceiling.
It was so enjoyable to see the children having such a great time. I was able to spend time with my two youngest grandchildren.
This morning, before I left for the party, I managed to make four mug rugs.
I am beginning to build up some stash again, so I thought I would put it to good use.

The next birthday is in September.
This will give me some time to work off all the cake and ice cream from this month of birthday celebrations.
Who am I kidding?
There is always something to celebrate, right?