Quick Art

Yesterday, I started to play around with the smallest pieces of scraps. I had meant to throw them away.
Instead, I began making mini-prayer flags. It was something to do as I watched a series on Prime that has gotten my interest. The series is Dickensian.
Since I am bingeing on the series, I kept busy by making more mini-flags.
There is something rather relaxing in making things by hand. I especially like making little things.
My sister, Emma, says she prefers making Quick Art. I never thought of it as Quick Art, but now I do.
I think I enjoy Quick Art because of the immediate reinforcement in seeing a completed project.
Also, it is just fun to cut and sew.

Prayer Flags

A few years ago, I got interested in making prayer flags. My friends and I got together to make some seasonal outdoor prayer flags. I made some flags with my granddaughter. These are the two my mom and I made. She had them hanging on her front door. They now hang on the doorway to my studio.

I have some regular-sized prayer flags hanging on the window in my studio.

Yesterday, I spent some time looking for ideas on Pinterest. I found some adorable mini-prayer flags and broaches.  I find it relaxing to keep my hands busy when I am watching TV. I placed the bin of scraps next to my chair, and made four little flags while watching a great mystery series. I used a ribbon to start stringing the flags across one of the shelves on my office desk.