North Star

My friend, Linda Jennings, has a working relationship with the Mesquite Bean for picking up and dropping off quilts that she longarms for clients. I went to pick up one of my quilts today and was brought to tears.
The shop, which is usually bustling with people on a Thursday, was dark. Only the owner and one staff person were inside. The shop has cancelled all classes. For now, they are open for two hours and offer a drive-through service for picking up fabric. They don’t know how long they will continue with this schedule.
I have been listening to the news and practicing social distancing. I order curb-side groceries, of which there is limited supply. Yet, the site of this beautiful shop, in the dark, with none of the usual happy faces, was a hard-hitting dose of reality. Cindy, the owner, said I could shop if I wanted to do so. So, I took one last fabric shopping trip, all by myself. We left the shop assuring ourselves we would get through this.
It is not just the fact that a quilt shop is closed.
It is the reality of what is happening to our lives as we know it.
My concern is for the future of my grandchildren.
We will get through this if we get smart. We need to all be accountable for our actions and hold our government officials accountable.
I have gone the gamut of emotions from sadness, to anger, to hope.
My sons remind me that worrying is not helpful.
I read from Martha Karelius’s book, You, Improved ; A Daily Dose of Inspiration.
Today’s reading is about finding your North Star. Your North Star is your fixed purpose. The passage reminds us to not give up. “ The storm will pass, the clouds will clear, and  you will find your guiding light. Keep it in your sights everyday.”

I hope all of you stay safe, positive, and  healthy.