Gobble, Gobble!

Previously, I posted about a quilted apron I made.
I used a turkey block pattern by Lori Holt.
The block pattern yielded a 12 inch block.
I changed the pattern size by making 1.5 inch squares.
I used this turkey block for a pocket on the apron.
Since there were remnants, I decided to make mug rugs.
It was fun when I started, but by the time I was on my sixth turkey, I started to fade.
1.5 inch blocks are so tedious.
I chose to make two rug mugs with a turkey applique that I drew.
I also used the quilted strips that remained after I cut out the apron.
The turkey might look more like a duck, but, oh well.
Set of 2
Anyway, I finally got them done.
Set of 4

Set of 4

Next on my list:

  • Clean sewing machine
  • Organize sewing room
  • Prepare fabric for space quilt

Turkey Time: Quilted Turkey Apron

My first graders LOVED this song.
Not only was it fun, but it was a successful and different way to teach reading.
My classroom was filled with Thanksgiving children’s literature.
A good portion of the collections were books about turkeys escaping their fate and becoming a guest at the dinner instead of the main course.
Every November, my students would read and write Thanksgiving poetry and stories.
Then the students would read their chosen piece to parents and families who came up for a Thanksgiving Feast.

One year, a parent pulled me aside to inform me that her family now had a new tradition.
Her daughter had come home every day, retelling the turkey stories.
She wrote her own turkey escape story and begged her mom to not serve turkey on Thanksgiving.
Her family now has an eggplant Thanksgiving.

I have turkey on the brain, so I fooled around with some different turkey patterns I found on Pinterest.
This Turkey Trot block is really cute.
But then I found this Tom Turkey quilt block from a blog by Lori Holt, a bee in my bonnet.

I sewed twelve 2.5 strips into a 23″ X 28″ square.
Then I made an apron pattern out of packing paper.
I followed the directions for the turkey block, and at first, I was planning on using this large block as a pocket.
20161022_001434935_ios 20161022_010541406_ios
20161022_161529297_ios 20161022_174022802_ios
But then I decided to make a turkey block using 1.5 inch squares.
20161022_161601937_ios  20161022_185040494_ios
20161022_202031166_ios 20161022_201512229_ios
Now I am trying to decide what to do with the 12″ turkey block.
Pillow, purse, hot plate mat? Hmmm…
I think I will try to make some mug rugs also since I have so much fall fabric remnants.

Thank you, Lori.
Your turkey tutorial is excellent.
Fun Fall Day.