Jelly-Roll Rug

In her Jelly- Roll Rug pattern, Roma Lambson reminds the reader to RELAX! After fretting about starting to make the rug, I decided to take Roma’s advice. This rug was so much fun to make. It took about 2 1/2 hours to complete. I took a few breaks in between.
My room had to be adjusted to accommodate making this rug. I placed my sewing machine on a smaller table perpendicular to my cutting table. This allowed the rug to fall flat as it got bigger.
I wish I had used more strips of the Justice League fabric to make more of a center point. The only puckering of fabric came on the first couple of rounds. I followed the pattern suggestions and used Best Press and steam to iron the area flat. After the coils started building, there was no problem. I fed the fabric with both my right and left index finger, and let the machine do the rest.

First Break: I removed this first section to iron and flatten the puckered curves.

Second Break: I needed a tall glass of tea!

Third Break: The blue was the final round, but I had to stop and rest my shoulders.


My grandson wanted red, blue, and green for his rug. I added the yellow to go with the colors in the Justice League fabric.  I also made a Justice League envelope pillowcase to go with his rug.

The envelope pillow case was made with one 18″ X 42″ fabric.

I think I will wait a bit before I try making another rug this size. I have found some half-circle fabric rug tutorials online that I might give a try.

It has been a fun day!