Happy New Year!
It has been a busy start to this new year. I have been between here and there and everywhere since the holidays, so I have not been able to post.
At the end of 2019, I found myself making two journals. One journal was to house all the photos, cards, and memories I pin on two boards in my sewing room. These boards are my inspiration for the year.
I just used fabric and scrapbook paper to make this journal. The cover was made from a practice piece that I had stored in a bin. This piece was a combination of Gelli-plate printing, applique, and a whole mix of things I was trying. I ended up cutting and resewing the piece to make into a cover.

I am also experiencing a problem with my blog. Apparently, I have used up all my space by adding photos that are high in pixels. I thought that sizing them to thumbnail was all that was needed to save space.  I know enough about blogging to be stupid. My videos are not the problem because they are stored in YouTube.
I was given three options:
1. Spend an outrageous amount of time downloading all of the photos in my library, use a photo app to resize and then reload into my library
2. Delete the photos in my library
3. Upgrade at a cost

For now, the plan is just to make videos.

The second journal I made was a collection of blocks that I made for each month of the year. The cover was made using Kraft Tex. I will have another post about this great product.
In the meantime, I hope everyone has a peaceful and blessed New Year.