Raised Box Quilt

Even though I got my Juki 2000QVP  to stop beeping and start working, the tension problems continued. I found myself having to rip and redo loopy stitches. I followed all suggestions and manual directions, but the irregular stitch tension continued. After struggling with this situation on the first row of my quilt, I decided to give up on using the Juki. I pulled out my non-electronic Viking Emerald and continued working on my quilt. No problems with the Viking.
My original plan for making a super hero quilt was to make simple framed blocks. Then I started looking at different tutorials for making shadow box and attic window quilts.  Rose Smith has a great tutorial on how to make a raised box quilt. I decided to use her technique for making the super hero quilt. There are many super hero quilt pattern ideas on Pinterest. There were a few different Pinterest posts that had an example of a super hero quilt by Fiscalini Designs. This quilt uses the same raised box technique that was in the tutorial by Rose Smith.
This is as far as I have gotten with the quilt today. I would have gotten more done if I hadn’t spent so much time trying to make the Juki work correctly.

Here I Go Again

The fabric for the blocks is all cut.
This is as far as I got before my sewing machine started beeping at me.
This is the second fail in two months.
I had the Juki 2000 QVP serviced in June.
In July, I made it a point of frequently cleaning out the machine.
I hardly used the Juki in August, since I used my Viking for projects like mug rugs and coiled fabric plates.

Initially, I was very happy with the machine which is just over a year old. However, I never did like the set up for winding the bobbin. The mechanism bobs up and down and shoots off the cap. When I had the machine serviced in June, I was given a small part to hold in the spool, but it still doesn’t work well.
Today, I noticed the tension was not right. It took a lot of trial and error to finally get a good thread tension. Then, as I was about to sew the third block, the machine started beeping. It is not the continuous beeping that occurred when I had to take it to the shop in June. At that time, I was told that the electronics jammed because the cleaning I did was not deep enough to reach the parts. The service man suggested using canned air to clean, even though the manual instructs not to do so. I have not used canned air.
The beeping today is a series of 3 beeps. The manual directs one to clean out the bobbin area, since this beeping indicates there might be a loose thread in the bobbin. I have cleaned the bobbin area  repeatedly, and the machine still beeps.
I truly regret purchasing this machine. I will pull out my non-electronic Viking machine to finish this project.
On Monday, I will be calling the dealer to see what can be done.
In spite of all this hassle, I am happy with the blocks I made so far.