Shopping Day…Lucky Day


This morning, I decided that I had been house-bound long enough.
Since the sun decided to shine this morning, I thought it would be a good day to visit with my sister and take her for lunch.
We had a great lunch at Twin Sisters…delicious quiche.
I chose this eatery since it is right around the corner from the Mesquite Bean Fabric Shop.
We got to the store as they were shelving new fabric…oh my…what goodies!
There was a sale on Christmas fabric, so I picked out a few for
the I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along.
I am sticking to red, green, off-white, beige, and a tinge of gold.
After I dropped my sister back at her house, I made my way to JoAnn’s Fabrics.
As I entered the store, a rainstorm hit.
Just my luck to be stuck at a fabric store, waiting out the rain!
There was a great sale on Christmas fabrics at JoAnn’s also, so this was my lucky day.

I love the white on white polka-dot.
If these don’t work out for the QAL, they can always be used for something else.
While at JoAnn’s, I visited with some of the salespeople that have come to know me from my frequent visits. I shared the information about the QAL and they seemed very interested.

Shopping Day was fun.
It’s back to working on the Texas quilt tomorrow.

Organization Day

I’m giving myself a great big hug.
I’m standing straight and tall.
I’m looking straight in front of me.
I’m ready for the hall

A kinder teacher at our school would have the children chant along with her as they finished their morning and were ready to move on to lunch.
Well, I finished my morning of organizing and cleaning up.
Now “I’m giving myself a great big hug and standing straight and tall!”

I only organized the sewing portion of the room.
The shelves with my teacher stuff is next.
The children’s literature that I have remaining are my favorite of all time books.
I plan to weed through these once again.
These books need to be in the hands of children, so I must let them go.
I will sort them out in three stacks: granddaughter, grandson, and new teacher.
My friend who is still teaching says she knows of a beginning teacher who needs books for her class library.
I will probably start clearing this area in August.

But for now, I am pretty happy with my sewing side of the store-room.
I also cleaned up my sewing room/office.
There were four large garbage bags of nit-picky pieces.
Someone with patience and creativity could probably make something with these bits, but it was time to for me to dispose of them.
I will be trying to find a new home for a large bag of good size remnants and scraps.
As I am typing this, I get a message on my phone that Jo Ann’s is having a 25% off total in-store purchase.
Ignore the message!

This is what my sewing room looked like when I dumped the first bins out!

Now, I have two large empty bins…yay!

My smaller bins are re-sorted. I weeded out fabric that I have used numerous times and I also got rid of smaller pieces.

These drawers in my sewing room no longer have fabric in them.
There is one empty large box/drawer that can hold projects that are in progress.
The other drawers have sewing notions, templates, and other things I need at hand.

Now, I’m looking straight in front of me.
I’m ready for …Jo Ann’s!


Thursday Goodies

Today was a day of errands that ended up being a day of goodies.
We happened to be near JoAnn’s, and I happened to have my coupons.
I told my husband we would just take a quick walk-through to see if anything called my name.
Well, I heard my name.
I found these beautiful bird fabrics.
Even though I have no project (s) in mind, I could not pass these up.
I was only going to get half a yard, and my husband said to get a yard, so I did!
The bonus was the 60% coupon!

There are a couple of blocks that I made for the Tribute quilt that I am considering replacing.
I love looking through Block a Day.
Today, I found Block #360, Tulip Lady Fingers.
Mom loved pink tulips, and I had plenty of pink fabric.
I had planned to use  a garden block that I had previously made, but I was going to have to redo some of the seams.
I replaced it with the Tulip Block.
Block #360, Tulip Lady Fingers
The fourth row is now vertically sashed.
It is being sashed with pink, in order to spotlight it.
20170217_023145099_ios 20170217_023203770_ios
I also ordered some fabric from eQuilters.
It is a colorful fabric with movie cameras and projectors.
The name of the fabric is Let Me Entertain You.
Mom loved to watch movies.
Her favorite was Random Harvest with Ronald Coleman and Greer Garson.
She is my favorite actress, and I must admit, I love this corny movie.
I love to watch old movies.