Last Quilt

A few months ago, my friends and I were visiting one of our favorite quilt shops, Las Colchas. They had a Christmas quilt hanging on the wall that just caught my attention. It was different. Seasonal, but not Christmas-y. I had no intention of buying the kit, but I did.
My first response to the fabric was that it was lively and told a story. The fabric is A Winter’s Tail, by Elizabeth Grubough. The bear and rabbit featured in these fabrics are very cute. I just thought there were a lot of stories going on in the fabric. I thought it should be named, A Winters TALE.
I have never made an X block, so this was a learning experience for me. Once I pieced the top, I thought maybe it was a bit too busy. I ended up adding a neutral beige with small polka-dot border to give a place for the eye to rest. There is a bright green binding that is not seen in this photo. There are tinges of this green in the blocks, and the binding really picks it up. Jeana Kubik quilted it for me and I love the end product. It is still a bit busy for my comfort zone, but it is growing on me. I hope the recipient of this quilt feels the same. 😉

Jeana sells 118″ wide backing, and I chose this beige/gold star and snowflake fabric.

Delivery Day

Nine months ago, my friends and I went on a tour of Brackenridge Park.
We all have memories of family picnics spent in this historical park.
After our tour, we had a picnic with the executive directive of the park, Lynne Osbourne Bobbitt.
The idea for the quilt was the result of spending this beautiful day at Brackenridge Park.

My Meemaw friends and I had fun shopping for fabric, piecing the quilt, and going for special lunches throughout the time it took to complete this quilt.
Jeana Kubik donated her talent and skill and long arm services.
Jeana was not able to go with us as we delivered the quilt, so we will celebrate with her when it is time to go see the quilt hanging in the office of the Brackenridge Conservancy.

Lynn Osbourne Bobbitt, the Executive Director, was thrilled to receive this quilt.

From L-R:
Lynn Osbourne Bobbitt
The Meemaws- Me, Kaye, Terri, and Marti

I love making quilts.
Giving quilts is even more fun.

Keyboard Strips

On Tuesday, I spent the afternoon talking with my friend Jeana.
Jeana is a great resource for ideas.
She helped me gel the plans for the Hope quilt.
Jeana also sells fabric for backing quilts, and I found the perfect backing for the Hope quilt.
She suggested I try keyboard strips for the border, and then she gave me scraps that I could use to supplement what I have.
My usable remnants are diminishing.
After I finish working on these three quilts in progress, I promise myself that I will pitch the unusable fabric.
I have started sorting by usable and non-usable.
I am thinking of piecing remnants and making wonky blocks…maybe.

These are a few of the keyboard strips I have made so far.