Home Again, Home Again…

…Jiggety, Jig!
We arrived back in San Antonio in the afternoon.
What a great trip!
My friends have assigned me the roles of group comic and historian.
So, I will be creating a video for them later this afternoon.
We are meeting for coffee today, to plan our next adventure.

Throughout the trip, I kept thinking that I needed to get Block #10 done!
I just finished it this afternoon.
The fabric I chose for the background blends in too much with the lantern.
Instead of redoing the whole block, I added a red border.
I needed more red to balance the layout of the other blocks.
I need to figure a way to outline the lantern in order to make it stand out.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
My plan is to add buttons for the holly after the quilting.

Blocks 3 and 4 : #iwishyouamerryqal

First, on a sad note, my friend’s home in Rockport was totaled.
Her son went down to evaluate and he said it was worse than they imagined.
We will be meeting with her on Saturday to give her some support.

On a happier note, I finished Block 4, “Christmas Memories” designed by Jennifer Fulton, of Inquiring Quilter.
These ornaments she designed do bring back memories of my childhood Christmas trees.
What I enjoy about this quilt along, is that I am learning new helpful tidbits and new skills.
Jennifer mentions in her directions, that stabilizing the applique with pull away Pellon, helps prevent the applique from puckering. I wish I had known that when I made the Snowflake block. I used Pellon Stitch-N-Tear Lite.
It made all the difference. Funny thing is, I had some of this Pellon in my embroidery storage bin.
I knew it was good for embroidery but did not think of using it to applique.

It took me longer than it should have to choose my fabrics for this block. The ornament shapes are just like the ones my mom had, and I wanted to get as close as possible to the colors of the old ornaments we had when I was young.
In a previous post, I had mentioned that my mom loved to decorate every inch of her house for Christmas.
My dad always said that he knew if he stood still for a minute, he would soon have garland and ribbons on him.
Mom had a collection of items to decorate for a Victorian Christmas.
She had a Blue and Silver Christmas, and her original set of old ornaments.
This was her Red, Green, and Gold Christmas.
It just so happened that I chose red, green, and gold for my color palette.

This block also gave me the opportunity to practice on my applique skills.
I hope I do not regret using the gold metallic thread for the appliques.
The thread jammed in my bobbin a few times, turning my hair a bit grayer.

My Clover Seam Roller came in handy for pressing down the applique.

At first, I wasn’t so sure about the tree and cone fabric.
But it fits in with the other three blocks.

I might have to redo the puckering Snowflake.

 Here’s a shout out to Abbie, from Sparkle On.
Thanks again, for letting me know about this QAL.


Block #3 : Santa Belt

I had so looked forward to the release of blocks 3 and 4 of I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along.
Then, I had to spend most of my day tending to the business of getting a new phone.
Since I was out, I bought a fat quarter of some green tree fabric.
I had to make something positive out of this day.

I finished block 3, Santa Belt.
My Santa is a Cosmic Santa.
I don’t know if you can see that Santa’s suit has gold stars.

Block 3 #iwishyouamerryqal

This is the first, and possibly the last time I work with metallic fabric.
I ended up using a light supportive fusible on the back of the metallic.
To make sure it would stand the test of washing, I  placed a piece of the metallic in a cup of water.
It did just fine.

Now, I am trying to decide on fabric for Block # 4.
The ornaments really remind me of the type we used when I was a child.
I need time to think about this one.