In Progress

The Quilt Haus in New Braunfels carries the Wildflower Moda VIII collection.
I had tax business to take care of today, so I will be going to New Braunfels tomorrow.
In the meantime, my sewing room has become Grand Mess Central.
All but three of the sachet bags are sewn and ready to fill, but the lavender has not been delivered yet.
So, I started making some Banded Baskets, using the pattern by Crossroads.
I borrowed this pattern a few months ago, and I want to get these baskets done so that I can return the pattern.
Unfortunately, my supply of fusible batting was not enough for this basket project.
This is as far as I have gotten today:


I am making one small sachet with polka-dot flower petals.

Go, Spurs, Go! Basket in progress.

Laptop Keeper

A very special person saw the laptop keeper I made and she thought it was “awesome”.
I asked if she needed one and she said yes.
I decided to make another one, and personalize it a bit for her.
Also, I wasn’t very happy with the binding I had used for the other laptop keeper I had made.
I used fabric remnants with anchors, daisies, birds, and hearts.
These all have special meanings.
I also added a few buttons.
20160730_011527323_iOS  20160730_011658448_iOS

20160730_011723785_iOS  20160730_012125574_iOS

Success at Last

My first attempt at making a lap top bag, without a pattern, was not exactly what I wanted.
Indygo Junction has a lap top keeper  pattern that is quick and easy.

I used remnants for the quilted front; the remaining denim that my sister gave me,
(I still have about a yard left!); and the Choose Happy fabric from JoAnn’s . I used this fabric
for the lining. The Choose Happy fabric was on sale, and I had a coupon, so I had bought 2 yards for lining. I have made two items with this fabric as the lining.

20160727_180828801_iOS 20160727_180923758_iOS